The High Empress' Estate PC119


A servant knocks at the door to the High Empress' Undercroft, the impressive underground great hall beneath the estate of the dark elves. "Beg your pardon Empress, but there is a, well, a dwarf, here to see you. He says he is important." the servant sheepishly states.
"A Dwarf? What do those smelly underdwellers want? Who is it?" she asks, with nothing but disdain in her tone. "Barlin Stonefist Bear Strangler – Master Stone Mason" the servant responds. "He says he is from Ral'Endas. Apparently he is on the Elder Council?" the servant says, unsure of exactly what that means. She frowns. "Oh, lovely, a dwarf who thinks he is a noble." she states sarcastically. "Fine. Send him in. Then bring in some fragrant candles to remove his stench when he leaves."

A few minutes later the dwarf enters the hall with the servant. "the dwarf" the dark elf states flatly as he steps to the side. The stare the dwarf gives the impudent servant could have killed him if he were to notice. The dwarf bows, almost imperceptively to the High Empress. "Greetins' the dwarf states. I 'ave a missive from tha' Thane Emberforge. Although it really dos'nt concern ya' as the High Empress 'e figures ya' should be told as well." he pulls out the missive and attempts to hand it to Empress Masq'il'yr. Her contemptuous gaze stays his hand and the servant steps up to take the letter. He waits for the dwarf to take a step back and then cracks open the seal, a move that only happens if one were to expect the missive to explode, which does not go unnoticed by Barlin, and then hands the missive to the Empress.

She reads over it. A snarl crosses her face. She crumples the letter in her hand forming a fist. The look of utter contempt and anger has both the servant and Master Stonemason taking a step back. Her gaze, dripping with venom locks onto the dwarf. "Get out" is all she says through gritted teeth. A dangerous smirk crosses the dwarf's face for a brief instance. "As ya' wish Empress." he states then turns, without acknowledging her station and leaves, followed quickly by the servant who bows so deep as he is backing out the room that he almost scrapes the floor with his head.

From behind a pillar steps a snake headed humanoid, her head a wrihing mass. "Not good news?" she states more than asks. "No." the High Empress flatly states. "We need to move faster in Brighmoor." Empress Masq'il'yr says to the Donna.