The howl of the Vestr Valdyr


[I am sending this message throughout the different lands for those who don't visit the Dreamscapes outside their own.]

*a figure that the dream has trouble deciding whether he is wolf or man speaks up in a foreign tongue, but in the dream his words have meaning*

For those of you that don't know me, I am Kjeld son of Bjarn of the Jardhilgr Roedha. In the lands known to most as the Maelstrom, I have taken up the path of Shaman of the Wolf Totem and have formed the Vestr Valdyr, a group of those that feel the spirit of wolf and the hunt in their hearts, but were without a pack to call their own. After traveling through the mists and meeting many in other lands, I have come to see that there are others throughout Fortannis that, even though they may have traveling companions, are also without a pack. I am here to offer such a thing.
The Vestr Valdyr is a place that you may find community and companionship with others that hunt under the moon's light. We pledge to protect and help each other through the difficulties and hardships that Fortannis lays down at our feet. Together we can be strong and confront our enemies united, striking fear into their bones. Together there will be no enemy we can't strike down and no quarry too great. For any whose howl bellows from within I offer a place in this pack to you.
I would be honored to answer any questions you might have about myself or the Vestr Valdyr, whether you speak to me through this dream or contact me privately. If there are those that come to mind while hearing this, I ask that you direct them to this dream as well. I look forward to the time we may hunt together.