The Larp Realm - Your vote is needed!


Hello my fellow Larpers! I have a favor that could be very helpful to our community:

I discovered a program that is offering a very substantial business grant. To be eligible for consideration, I need a total of 250 votes. I am asking you, my fellow Larpers, to help me get these votes! This funding would mean being able to help our community on a large scale, so I ask you to follow the below instructions, and vote for me!

1. Go to and click on for the "Log in & Support" - please note, this requires logging in with Facebook.
2. On the next page, type in Larp as the business name, and hit search
3. You will find my business, The Larp Realm, on the following page - click the button next to the business to add your vote to the cause!
4. Share this information with anyone you can; as I said, I'll need 250 total votes! And, I thank you very much for your time to help!

James St. Martin
Owner, The Larp Realm, LLC