The Larper's Corner!


Hey all,

Well, the tusks I ordered are on their way and supposed to arrive today anyway, so I figured it was time for me to make this announcement for anyone interested; I am really excited about this - and I really hope it proves as helpful as I want it to be!

I am proud to announce a new program for anyone who makes or wants to sell anything LARP related. I've named this program The Larper's Corner, and for the time being will be posting all items in a category on my current website until the website has been updated.

All items will be free to post, and the only cost will be a flat rate 10% off the final item sale to cover expenses. As an added bonus offer, if a buyer spends an equal value on normal retail items from The Larp Realm, that 10% fee will be waived as well, meaning the seller will get 100% of the item sale!

For requirements:
-Your products must be Larp-related and/or handcrafted (sorry, if you want to sell a game console, you'll have to go to Ebay ;) )
-To receive payment for any of your items, you will need to have a Paypal account; don't worry, the fee I discussed above includes the fee Paypal charges to receive funds.
-Any items to be posted will require your own photos (I can post up to four per item), item description(s), and any options such as size or color of the item.
-Please note: Once an item has been purchased and you are contacted, you will hold all responsibility of shipping the item to the buyer, and will be expected to handle any claims from the buyer relating to your items.

Interested? You can send an email to to begin discussion with me regarding your items!

-James aka Strago
Owner, The Larp Realm, LLC


*update* After reading the common feedback that my fee of 10% is too much, I am looking to see how I can get that amount reduced. I am, after all, trying to offer something that is helpful to players. I'll be sure to add an updated post once I have found an alternative. Hang in there guys! :)