The Laws of Frontier Chalameria

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Laws of Frontier Chalameria
7th edition – F.R. 540 onward

Forward: The laws and policies of Chalameria (7th edition) have been in place since the year 540 (Fortannis Reckoning) and represent the current state of legality and lawfulness throughout the frontiers of Chalameria. While these laws serve to be the specific agreements for day-to-day life all Chalamerians should understand, they leave the questions of severity up to the interpretation of the locality for which they are being enforced. Where a small fine may normally be assessed for misaddressing a legal document in court within Wincor, a much heftier fine could be assessed if done within the courts of Maram. By the same token, an unburdened traveler who breaks a minor law is likely to receive a much different sentencing than a noble of one of the Great Orders due to the expectations we have of our own to be just and lawful. Finally, while exemptions and excuses for the greater good always exist, the law is sacrosanct and the function of its place within society may never be ignored. All reasoning should come out within the bounds of a trial, if necessary, and circumstances will be taken into consideration on all matters.
  • 7th edition Scribed by Lord Allain Reverro of the Order of Voskis 519 F.R.
  • This version is hand copied with forward and notes provided by Squire Justice Westingal of the Order of Voskis 622 F.R

Frontier Society

The following locations are a part of Frontier Society

  1. Outposts – Overseen by a Noble of the title Lord or Knight who will be given the title of Outpost Commander (OC). Outposts are military establishments or guarded settlements surrounded by a gate and set up for the permanent use of training and mobilization of troops, or for the staging space for forays into the unknown spaces within Chalameria. Outposts will never have a gate fee and are not considered common ground. While the local Magistrate, if available, will handle all routine legal matters, The OC is the final law within an Outpost should there be any conflict. All Knights, Squires, and Lancers under the OC’s command are authorized to enact justice at the behest of the OC or the local Magistrate.
  2. Settlements – Overseen by any Chalamerian citizen who will be given the title of Magistrate, if not already of a higher station. Settlements are organized by a local or nearby Noble of the title Lord or Knight to establish the growth of kind society. Settlements commonly have no gate and are open to be settled by travelers far and wide. The Magistrate is the final law within a Settlement, though the reach of the power of their title only extends to the settlement itself as well as the surrounding area.
  3. Forts – Overseen by any Chalamerian citizen, the leader of a Fort has no specific title. Forts are established for personal use of a specific guild or order, to create a pathway of safe passage into a dangerous area, as a staging ground for the movement of forces, or as a guarded evacuation point. As such Forts are beholden to their nearest landed Nobility regarding the laws. Forts commonly have gates and are not open to be settled except at the behest of the Fort owner.


The following Laws are the guiding principles for peaceful existence within the Frontier of Chalameria

The following is a non-exhaustive list of actions and activities which demand justice.

In the matter of actions against a law-abiding citizen of Chalameria or a traveler who is currently abiding by the laws:
  1. Actions which cause bodily physical harm
  2. Actions which remove one’s agency
  3. Actions which cause another’s death, and or resurrection
In the matter of dealing with an appointed representative of Chalameria:
  1. Spreading of false information
  2. Purposefully detaining
  3. Not coming to aid when specifically called upon
The following activities are grounds for immediate justice:
  1. Necromancy in any form, and for any reason
  2. The summoning of beings of Chaos
  3. Banditry
The following groups may be dispatched without repercussions:
  1. Flora and Fauna which intend harm
  2. Those actively engaging in Banditry or Necromancy
  3. Magical, planar, or extra-planar creatures not under the protection of a Noble
  4. The Undead
  5. Any group or organization which an Outpost Commander has officially recognized as a threat to peace within their purview.
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