The Laws of The Hollow

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Here at the laws of my Bastion along with their punishments.

Petty Crimes

Debauchery- Behavior that compromises the safety of the Bastion. 5 Gold Crowns

Theft-Taking what does not belong to you. 5 Gold Crowns and return or reimbursement for stolen property.

Disrespecting a Noble Title-To include Mockery and disobeying a noble order. 5 Gold Crowns as a base, though the Noble can increase the fine to fit the situation.

Assault- Threatening a protected race through word or deed. 10 Gold Crowns

Crimes of the Race- An additional 10 Gold Crowns in addition to other fines.

Violation of the Hearth- An additional 10 Gold Crowns in addition to other fines.


Battery- Harming a protected race without provocation. 15 Gold Crowns, Second Offence 30 Gold Crowns and loss of right to carry arms or manifest aura within the Bastion.

Arson- 15 Gold Crowns and replacement of damaged property

Public Endangerment-Putting the Bastion in danger through your actions as an “Adventurer”. Punishment will fit the results.

Kidnapping- Holding a protected race against their will. 20 Gold Crowns and Servitude to the injured party

Perjury- Lying while sworn to truth. 20 Gold Crowns

False Accusation with Malicious Intent- Accusing someone of a crime which you know they did not commit. Punishment shall be the punishment of the accused crime.

Provocation- Taunting someone into fighting you with the desire to see them punished for a crime. 20 Gold Crowns

Fraud- Deception to for monetary gain. 25 Gold Crowns and return or reimbursement of property.

High Crimes

Murder- Death

Low Necromancy- Casting of Chaos natured battle magic 1st offence a year of service to the Crown, or Death and Marking of the Twice-Born. 2nd offence Death or Obliteration and Banishment of the Twice-Born.

High Necromancy- Creation, controlling, or healing of the Undead. 1st offence Death, or Death and Marking of the Twice-born. 2nd offence, Obliteration and Banishment.

Consorting with the Undead.- Same as High Necromancy

Desertion of Duty- One year of service to the Crown, or Death

Treason- Banishment to the Deadlands with a mark of Hostility

High Treason- Death, Death and Banishment to the Deadlands with a mark of Hostility for Twice-Born

Theft or Destruction of the Harvest- Treated as High Treason

Conspiracy -The punishment for Conspiracy to commit a crime will be the punishment for the crime itself.

Justicar Crowe
Lord of The Hollow

Clarification on “Consorting with the Undead”: Aligning with the undead is illegal. This includes willingly betraying any Bastion, the Kingdom of Eire, or any member of a civilized race to any sort of undead. Additionally, working with an undead for the sake of personal gain is also illegal.

However, speaking with the undead is not illegal. In fact, it is often necessary that we converse with these creatures to gain useful information or to deter them from attacking the innocent. Moreover, it is not illegal to communicate with such creatures for the sake of ensuring, or attempting to ensure, the safety of the bastions or the Harvestlands of Eire.

Eireann and Thelucian scholars believe that we are now outnumbered by undead nearly ten to one, with a little over 1 million mortals spread throughout the Bastions and Eire, and nearly ten million undead spread throughout the Deadlands. We have no accurate information regarding how many creatures belonging to the monstrous races still survive. We do suspect that there are also more of them than there are of us. We no longer have the luxury of high moral ground or the comfort of civilization on which to rest. Desperate times, desperate measures.

In Trust,
Lord Galloway
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