The Long Road

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After the raid on Fort Shaundalaur, many of the heroes found themselves on the roads to Redspan or within the Earth Circle of Nelix. With a brief respite, many have begun to organize themselves and gathered back in Redspan, carts loaded, horses or other beasts of burden preparing for the long road ahead to Rocholm.

Knight Commander Terron Jaxx, stands alongside members of the Arcane Sanctum, Home Guard, Earth Weavers and various caravans, readying the first set of supplies, grains, stone, lumber and more. “Your path will take you East, along the road to Fort Shaundalaur, past the turn to Iron Ridge and to the East of the Zhom Run. From there, you will follow the road North where it will eventually take you to Kelech’Mor, your final stop before you head to your new outpost. I will try to catch up with your convoy at the Town of Ashvethyr. Until then, you will have to make due with cramped sleeping spaces as most of the Hamlet’s along the way do not have large Inns for so many of you. The First town of any note along your journey will be Nya Caelora. The Town Administrator, Filvendor Daeynore has been told to expect you within a week or so. There, you can provision yourselves and take a needed respite as the ground will be snow covered and the trek will be that much slower.”

With that, the caravan begins its steady pace. After a day’s travel, the Fort appears upon the horizon. At first glance, there seems to be no signs of life. As the caravan rolls closer, small plumes of smoke are seen from multiple chimneys. On the wind, voices are heard, the sounds of the small town outside the Fort proper, coming to life. The Fort has survived the Unspoken attack. The convoy continues along the road, with no time to lose, and veers a small way to the North before continuing East into Rocholm proper.

Many comrades join from Fort Shaundalaur, they tell in greater detail about the aftermath of the attack. As they understand it, the Unspoken swarmed the Fort proper, raiding most of the empty garrisons, and taking mostly food stuffs, weapons and armour. As the Unspoken breached the wall to the town though, they were met with the contingent of Stone Suns and were mostly repelled. The few that made their way into the town, apparently, never harmed any of the civilians. They attempted to “free” them from their tyrannical ruler, Al’Zoon, but if the person objected, they simply left them alone, appearing to be very confused. All-in-all, the Fort itself will require month of restoration. The Home Guard has been ordered to send a platoon to reinforce the Fort until its walls are rebuilt, by order of Queen Ava. Rumours say that the Countess Gyverin was indeed slain, but her body was not recovered, likely meaning she resurrected in Calanhelm, or went to her Bottle, if she has one. Marquis Xerxes too fell, but later resurrected in Calanhelm, and after several meetings with the Queen and Lord Marshal, has returned to the Fort slightly embarrassed, and definitely angry. He would not speak, or even allow any of those not directly involved with the defense, or rebuilding of the Fort to enter the gates.
A tense few days follows as the caravan slogs its way past the Unspoken forest. Everyone is on edge. Several false alarms grind the travel to a halt as every supposed threat has to be verified, acted upon and then the caravan can stand down and begin its steady pace once again. The journey is excruciatingly slow. But after several days, the town of Nya Caelora appears before you. It is nestled on the road between the Great Forest of Thysrael Tare and the mountain range that leads to the ocean. The road here branches to the North and the capital city of Cyh Tirion and east past the Zohm Run. It is time for your first reprieve, a warm bed and a hot meal.
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