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The portal room in the Arcane Sanctum thrums and flashes as the ArchMage, Fatespinner, Colonel Colson and a few others step through. “Gather the Magi of the Lux as well as the Masters of the EW Council. Colonel Colson shall assemble his Home Guard as well. Get them here immediately.” Az’Caine commands, something he rarely does, but when it is of this importance, he puts his full authority behind it. Members of the Sanctum and the Earth Weavers scatter immediately, most running as fast as they can to do the bidding of the ArchMage.

Az’Caine turns to the Fatespinner and Colson. “As soon as you have rested, please ensure that you are in the Grand Hall. We need to move quickly as time is never on our side.” Both nod to the ArchMage and head to their respective domiciles.

Within a few short hours, all are gathered in the Grand Hall. Normally reserved for trials or other gatherings of importance, it does not go unnoticed by those in attendance. The Fatespinner and Colonel Colson are seated upon the Bench, normally reserved for the Magi, but as this is not a trial, it seems to be an appropriate area for them.

As the ArchMage enters the room, he quickly waves away any formality of standing and bowing that normally comes with his appearance. “Please, everyone, be seated.” He states as he takes his position between the two. “As many of you are aware, the Lux Obscura was abandoned before the snow fell so many months ago. The Guardians had enough of the damage and disregard for the complex. When it was raised nearly two years ago, there was an influx of any and all that wished to gain the secrets of what lie within the walls of the fallen city. Whether for good or ill. Last year, one of our own, for reasons I have yet to comprehend, gave his life to raise that accursed forest that now rings the city. This had the effect of trapping those within the Lux and keeping things that were needed out. It also meant that the Fey could now enter the once protected areas at will. It rendered many of the wards and glyphs useless. Al’Zoon is now very aware of the location, as it Culdranth, the Great Conflagration. It was all we could do with the aide of Aithusa to keep that creature from waking and obliterating everything within. “ the ArchMage pauses to ensure that everyone is focused on his words.

“Now, through the months of winter, the Champions of the Lux, along with myself, The Fatespinner, Colonel Colson and Aithusa, were able to speak at length with the Guardians. They watched many of you over the months help to remove threats to the lands. They have noted the courage that many of you displayed. And through your actions, they have, begrudgingly, decided to allow the Arcane Sanctum, Earth Weavers and the Home Guard within the Lux to continue exploration of the ruins. Several other guilds, most notably the Hammer Outfitters and Wild Hunters have also been welcomed back. The Guardians understand that their intentions are to help rebuild the Lux Obscura and remove some of the creatures that have called the place home. There are several farmers that had their lands cut off with the growth of the fey forest, and they too have been allowed to stay and continue to work the outskirts of the land.”

The ArchMage looks to the Fatespinner and Colson, who both nod their agreement to the statement of Az’Caine. He continues “So, for those who wish to continue to explore the Lux, you are welcome to use the portal within the Arcane Sanctum to travel freely from Calenhelm to the Lux. The newest Guardian, Elspeth, also has means of creating portals within the Lux and the Fey forest. She appears to be able to also keep certain denizens out of the Lux and that should allow us to explore and uncover the lost knowledge without the threat of Culdranth for the time being. You leave at first light, for those who wish to. Good Luck, and try not to allow the place to burn to the ground, again.”

With those final words, the ArchMage, Zanthia and Colson all stand and take their leave. Heading for a most deserved rest.
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