The Magpie Meadery


Roanoke Staff
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The Magpie Meadery and Tavern

Nestled in the heart of Silvervale Outpost stands a rather
large and honestly quite dilapidated old Meadery.
Many years ago, the Elven Council saw the prosperity of
the Meadery, owned By the Brothers Ear, and saw it fit to
create an outpost on the very edge of the Elarian Forest
around this hub of commerce and activity.
The land proved fruitful in many other ways and until The
Blight returned the Outpost was thriving, fueled in large
part by the food and excellent mead produced there.
The Blight struck the land and the Meadery and the
Outpost itself suffered greatly. Many of the townsfolk fled,
but those who still remained tried their very best to
maintain their beloved home and their beloved Meadery.
Sadly, after years of turmoil, the staff left. It started with
the scullery maid, then the ratcatcher, then the cook’s wife
and finally, the cook herself left the tavern lonely and
The Brothers Ear managed to maintain one small glimmer
of hope though, in their production of mead from an
ancient family recipe handed down from The Grandfathers
Ear, down to The Fathers Ear and finally the last remaining pair of Ears.
Their motto became “Hope in a Hopeless Time” and they
kept their heads and their glasses held high.

When the Call for Help went out, the first to arrive was Lily
O’Malley, a human the likes of which The Brothers had
never seen before. When Lily stumbled upon the
moth-eaten and Cobwebbed old building, surely she must
have thought it to be abandoned, for what else could be
the reason for such disarray. Her efforts into the night
cleaning and rearranging the place were not without
reward. The Dawn brought the Brothers back to their
beloved establishment and to their surprise the place was
spotless. Why, it looked like they had stepped years back in
time! Overjoyed to the point of tears, the Brothers asked
Lily to please stay and help them restore the glory of The
Magpie Meadery and Tavern, and perhaps this was the
start of restoring the very Outpost itself
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