The mists are moving


"Throughout the winter, the Mists seem to be shifting, like a slow cloud moving across the sky. From what you have gathered in your travels from people remarking about this; this has never happened before. “Curses and now the Mists moves!” Many lands were affected with the Mist claiming or making travel to previous known lands difficult.

Ardic is also affected by the Mists shifting, seeming to rotate around the portal. Cutting off access to structures and homes the adventurers have grown accustomed too. As the Mists shift on Ardic, it opens up new landmass previously hidden by the Mists. Rumble of greater city lay exposed; forcing the adventurers to create their own tent city in the dead corpse of a great city.

Any adventurers near the edge of the Mists on Ardic hear once and once only; faint whispers “Fools, you cannot trust them…”. Any questions or attempts to communicate back fail. Throughout the winter, no travelers are able to make it to Ardic without the aid of the adventurers.

As the Mists reach the few Greater Circles of Powers; a conflict of magic happens as both fight each other creating a blinding light until the land itself cracks and lifts, sending these circles flying."

So there is a great city to find somewhere. Once the circles are found, I would appreciate that information being made public. I'm sure I can find the earth one if I become a spirit, but knowing where to look for my friend who may have died is worth while.

Anyone have an idea about whose mist voice that was? Cordoka?

"...forcing the adventurers to create their own tent city in the dead corpse of a great city."

I do believe the city will be easy to find.

I agree with Gideon.
Whomever finds the circles, or remnant magic of the circles, please make a general town announcement.