"The Monster Mash"


Wisconsin Staff
The first Alliance LARP Wisconsin one day event, The Monster Mash, is open for Pre-registration! All pre-reg's and payments are due by April 24th. The cost will be $25 for this event. This includes a tasty meal provided to you as well. Pre-regging and prepaying for this event will knock $5 off from the cost! Please make all payments to alliancewisconsingm@gmail.com.

The event will be held at
4300 Graceland Blvd. Racine WI. 53405

To Pre-reg please fill out the form on the CMA and send any questions or concerns to alliancewisconsinlogistics@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you for the very first one day at Alliance LARP Wisconsin.

If your name is Red, you still need to pre-pay by April 24th at 11:59 PM to receive your discount.

PC -
1. Cole D.
2. Nick P.
3. Dwayne B.
4. Matthew M.
5. Ian H.
6. Gus H.
7. Sam S.
8. Morgan M.
9. Jared
10. Roux W.
11. Jay C.
12. Jonathan M.
13. Tabitha S.
14. Dani C.

1. Andrew N.
2. Nate B.
3. Thomas M.
4. Steven G.
5. Daphne P.
6. Elizabeth H.
7. Sam P.
8. Sol G.
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Lunch will be provided for The Monster Mash one day event by a Wisconsin staff member. The cost is included in your event fee. The menu for this event will be Mac N Cheese and a Taco Bar, with a meatless crumble option as well and a sweets bar. Please bring your own drinking vessel and drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Can't wait to see you all there to kick off Alliance LARP Wisconsin's first event!
*face palm* there is always one thing you miss when you first start planning events!

10 am starting time folks!