The Official MWE name change poll.

New Mystic Wood Elf name

  • Woodfolk

    Votes: 16 14.4%
  • Mystic Wood Folk

    Votes: 19 17.1%
  • Sileni

    Votes: 6 5.4%
  • Faekin

    Votes: 5 4.5%
  • Aislings

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • Kaiden

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Faetyr

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Fauns

    Votes: 8 7.2%
  • Woodlings

    Votes: 6 5.4%
  • No change

    Votes: 47 42.3%

  • Total voters


I have broken this off of the previous thread for the sake of clarity. Below are 10 name suggestions for a *possible* name change for the race currently known as Mystic Wood Elves. Some of us would like to see a name change, to differentiate MWEs from Elves and now is the ideal change to do so. This thread will be used as a poll to see which name is most popular amongst our community. From there, the most popular name can be submitted to the Owners' Forum. Once that has happened it is out of our hands, so if you like the chosen name, lobby your local chapter owner.

Please respond only with the name you like most, and keep commentary to a minimum. If you must bring something up for discussion, please do so on the previous name change thread.

Lastly, please bear in mind that any changes are ultimately up to the owners, and while they appreciate input from the players, they will not always make changes based solely on a popular vote.

Without further ado, I present your choices.

Woodfolk, submitted by Warlock
Mystic Wood Folk, submitted by doverman
Sileni (derived from Greek for oldest generation of satyrs), submitted by simianrex
Faekin, submitted by wraith
Aislings (AZ-lings - long A; Gaelic for "dreams"), submitted by markusdark
Kaiden (KI-den; Japanese for "Ghost Stories")
Faetyr (FA-teer; Fae of Tyrra), submitted by markus dark
Fauns, submitted by Celbolwa
Woodlings, submitted by Celbolwa
No change.


No Change.

Ryan Zabawa
I PC a M.W.E.


I say keep it the same and let local plot teams come up with cultural names like HQ did with children of camolus (sp...sorry).

Have you Voted!

Justin H-
I say it should change slightly due to the fact that MWEs aren't actually elves. Mystic wood folk makes sense to me, at least.
I would say that the names of races are not something that is generaly left to local plot. For example Dark Elves are Dark Elves, Dwarves are Dwarves... why should MWE be any different? Ah well, it looks pretty split atm.


Leave my MWE alone.


PS - You will soon learn you are incorrect. Dark Elves and Dawarves have their own names as well.


I disagree as the original Mystic wood elves are supposed to be a half breed of satyrs and elves.

Leave MWE's as is. I agree with Justin, if the local plot team wants to change it, so be it. Otherwise it stays as is.



Chicago Staff
Don't change the name of my favorite race... cause it explains right in the rule book why were called that.

"Mystic Wood Elves are a strange race. They are not really elves but were called that by the people who first encountered them."

I like being a MWEE... and I like my horns and ears.... (please note the extra "e" on there, explained in my signature)
It should be left to the campaign plot to decide based on their region. Take this for example... there is a big differance between an Ansconi and a Child of Camulous, as well as the Mystic Wood Folk of Andar and the Children of Maeria of Valdanis... this way there is as much diversity in our race based on region as there is for Romani, Barbarians or Northlunders if you prefer.... then theres Vornae and Drae. It's all based on region that way.

My Two Copper.


The Mystic Wood bit still makes no sense, given that there's no such thing. :p
The Mystic Wood used to be in Tyrra... but now most MWE live in a wooded area and the local humans or whoever could consider the forest "mystical" because MWE's are often somewhere that has a connection to the Fae Realm and magic is prevailent.

I voted to keep the name. I like the name Mystic Wood Elf OOC.
Chazz said:
Leave my MWE alone.


PS - You will soon learn you are incorrect. Dark Elves and Dawarves have their own names as well.
Correct. Only ignorant surface dwellers refer to us as dark elves. We excuse their ignorance because their feeble minds are unable to retain knowledge. It's very similar to how one excuses horses or cattle for defecating indiscriminately.

Ooops, channeling too much Find'rth!


I'm okay with the name remaining as long as I am allowed to cause a resurrection for anyone using the term "MeeWee" in game.


Chicago Staff
Correction.... The Mystic wood elves of TC, both kinds, come from magic and mystic woods.... they may not be called "mystic wood" but that doesn't mean that the forest isn't magical or mysterious... Most MWE are from some form of forest... and with all the magical creatures running around in the woods, any wooded area can be seen as mystic....

And Toga and I use "MiWee" in game, because I use it as my title, Elle Mystic Wood Elf Extrodinare... We're proud to be "MWE". It's all part of what got me interested in the game... I looked in the PHB and thought it would be fun to play the race.


Just as a side note. I voted this morning for woodlings and the total was 3 and after my vote the total remains 3.

3+1=4 or so the poll program should know.

just thought I would bring it up.


I show 6 total. Have you tried refreshing?

Edit: Nevermind, Woodfolk and Woodlings aren't the same, despite being remarkably alike in spellings..
Wolkfolk also shows 6 for me. I have to say at least the poll is showing that more people want a change than don't even if there are different opinions on what it should change to.


I may have been too democratic, perhaps, and given too many choices.


Dreamingfurther said:
Wolkfolk also shows 6 for me. I have to say at least the poll is showing that more people want a change than don't even if there are different opinions on what it should change to.
Not sure what poll you're viewing or maybe I don't understand what you mean but I see a lots of people who wish to keep it the same.


40% wish no change. This means that 60% are voting for a name change. If it were whittled down to the top two on this poll and still given the no change option we would see narrower results.