The Oni and Stonerest


My friends, this past gathering brought to light that the Oni within and now outside of Stonerest can no longer be ignored. We've dabbled in addressing this issue for some time, a number of times making assaults to weaken them but never finishing the job, but if something is not done soon, this scourge will spread across the land. Winter is an excellent time for the Oni to take advantage of the population. The Oni ability to gain power by making bargains will flourish when times are tough for the common folk. It is essential that we do what we can to crush this scourge before it erodes the foundations of our society.

I am currently working with other members of the Order of the Emerald Flame to gain intelligence on Stonerest itself and marshal forces and allies to address that source of the Oni directly. There are a number of areas where I can use assistance if people have the time before we gather again.
  1. Finding the locations of Oni outside of Stonerest. Reports have them spreading out from Stonerest, which is located in the Duchy of Thorncryf to the north of the Lake of Sighs. This is far to the north of the Duchy of Eastlands where Valbrough is located. This leaves a lot of open area to cover, however the Oni will be drawn to population centers as that is where they can make deals and therefore gain power. The more locations in which the Oni are active we can locate, the better as it gives us a chance to put a stop to them. It normally only takes one death to send them off the Plane.
  2. Spreading the word to the population that the Oni are real, really dangerous, and not to be bargained with. We've seen first hand that Lawful Oni are using their monstrous brethren the Chaos Oni to scare people into making a bargain. Thankfully a group of adventurers was able to deal with those two Oni during the Festival of Dragonfall. But through that interaction we learn that the population generally views the Oni as a fairytale and does not understand the danger of a bargain with them. Every person who learns of this danger and the illegality of bargaining with the Oni is one less resource for the Oni to tap.
  3. Marshaling forces willing to oppose the Oni. We have already found some allies willing to assist us in this fight, if you think you know of someone or a group willing to stand against the Oni please contact me directly so we can coordinate efforts to bring as much power to bear against this problem.
  4. Gathering more information about the Oni in general, Stonerest, and the Oni in Stonerest. If you have any insight into extra planar creatures, deal magic, or anything related to the Oni we can use your help. Please feel free to coordinate information through me or in this post so that we all can know what's going on.
It's my hope that everyone is informed about what we seek to do by the time we gather on Friday in October. I'd love for a number of people to have assignments for Friday night and Saturday morning that can culminate in a devastating assault on Stonerest sometime on Saturday perhaps even before dinner. It would be great if we could also locate and kill multiple Oni throughout the lands as well.

I have not asked much of you on behalf of the Kingdom since the fall of Bleak, but this endeavor will once again require the adventurers assistance to address a great threat to the people of Dragonreach. We've just celebrated our greatest victory and now your assistance is once again needed in defense of the lands.

Please ask questions and provide insight here. If you need to communicate with me directly I will attempt to respond within the day. If there are things you plan to do between gatherings I encourage you to start doing them as soon as possible to get the greatest results from your efforts.

In defense of the people and the lands
Sir Mathis
Knight to his Majesty Lycergis, King of Dragonreach
Order of the Emerald Flame
Can we get a description, weaknesses, strengths, and expected shenanigans they attempt? Some of us greener folks have never seen or dealt with an Oni. I certainly haven’t and didn’t even know there was two types. If we need special things to purge them it would be good to know so those without can see about getting them and also so resources aren’t wasted like alchemy or spells.


There in lies the problem with the Oni, there are multiple types and variations. I can provide you with some information and I hope that others will fill in some blanks
Information Common to Oni at Large
  • They are Extraplanar Creatures, currently living on the Wall of Order which creates the outer boundary to our larger cosmology.
  • They have access to "Deal" magic, whereby they gain power by making and completing deals. It is unclear how they are able to produce their end of the bargain, but it is likely tied to the individual Oni since the death of an Oni appears to terminate all their bargains.
    • They do not appear to be able to "deal" with other Oni
  • They do not generally have the ability to Rift
  • They can only come to the prime Plane via standard means, Portals, Gates, and being Summoned
  • Like Fey they are bound by rules, though the exact scope of those rules is unknown to us. It is theoretically possible to summon an Oni, trap them, and make bargains with them without allowing them to roam freely. Under those circumstances, very specific procedures must be followed as the Oni will continually attempt to escape.
Types of Oni - Oni is a classification, there are a number of different Oni types that we have encountered. This is an area where I will need other people's insight to give greater detail. I do know that there are both Lawful and Chaotic Oni (they may follow different rules) and that some are tied to various elemental powers.
  • Mephit
  • Quasit
  • Dretch
  • Balrogs
  • Imps
  • Glabrezu - Big monkey-like monsters - Chaos Oni
  • "Facesuckers" - Oni Minion that controls the minds of Goblins, Orcs, etc.
  • "Get Togethers" - Oni Minion that become stronger the more of them that gather in an area
  • Monku - Shadows with a warped human face. Moves through shadows, drains happiness, and charms
I'll fill in more blanks as people with more information contact me or comment further.

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There was a type of chaos oni we faced in the sewers of Throncryf, it was called a Monku and has the ability to charm victims, move through shadows, and drain the happiness out of victims until they are dead. They look like shadows with a warped human face.

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