The other lands and realms of this world


As most of us know the ritual we used to flee the destruction of horizon has somehow displaced us in time. As we find our feet and put down roots in these new lands, I think to the other realms of Fortanis that I have traveled to. I have not tried to navigate the mists since our arrival here.

Have any of you, who share this dream, left the lands of Gaden recently. Is this travel still possible? Did our ritual affect any of the other lands of this world? How fare the people of Fortanis?

Though I was simply a visitor caught up in the time skip, it seems to me that shard moved around us rather than us around the shard. Niether Acarthia nor Rumeria were effected by the skip as far as I can tell. Have there been any visitors from other shards since? Though I left shortly after the situation was stable, I have yet to return.

-Zakar Velnix
Me and Fiona got ta Wayside alright and it's still normal dere. Seems like da new time is just where da mists spit us out now on dis end.

It seems all other lands are normal, and those of Gaden past are still able to travel through the mist to these lands.

Though, I don’t believe they are able to travel back to our previous time and location.

Lord Asher Oakheart