The Parson's Breach Jailhouse Project

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Garridan sits at the table on the Brotherhood deck going through the items and coin gathered in the assualt on the gnolls. After years of weathering attacks from gnoll patrols, Az'Caine had authorized an attack on Kara Vale's forces. He wasn't sure what the General's opinion on the raid was, though he was certain he wouldn't be happy about the razing of their village.

Strange times are ahead of us and we are getting closer to all out war. We're definitely going to need to create a jail to hold prisoners as the stocks aren't enough.

Going through the identified items, he piles them up and begins writing a ledger to keep trac of what there is and what it's all worth. A bit of the coin will be used to secure the servces of engineers and builders. The basic Building should cost about 15 gold. Smallish building 2-3 cells, with each cell also having a Circle of Power. Nothing is ever escape proof but it should be able to hold most people or things.

Garridan looks down at the totals:

Alchemy 105CP
Potions 175CP
Scrolls 305CP
Traps 92CP
Locks 40CP
Weapons & Armour 280CP

TOTAL = 1368 CP (13 Gold, 60 Silver, 8 Copper)

Not quite there he thinks, and grabs his Alchemy stores, pulling out 140CP worth of items to sell off, mostly Solvents, Lights and a few other things he won't really need or can easily reproduce. This should get us to what we need he thinks, bringing the total 1508CP. Once I can get this sold I';; comission the builders and get this going.

He boxes everything up and prepares for his journey.
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