The Possibility of June LARPing - Updated

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The Owners of Alliance SoMI have discussed the idea of running a set of small modules for our late June Event, presuming that we are able to do so while respecting the restrictions in place in Michigan and guidance available for group gatherings in an outdoor setting.

The format currently under consideration involves groups of ten Players (no more than 7 PCs) engaging in 3-4 hour modules between June 25-28.

Preparing this type of Event will involve significant challenges on the part of the Owners, who will take it upon ourselves to Staff the Event, so we need to understand whether this is an format our Players have an interest in experiencing.

If you are a regular SoMI Player,
please take a couple of minutes to respond to this short survey on the matter.

We hope to have a confirmed decision in the next ten days (subject to any other restrictions)
Thanks to everyone who took time to respond to our poll. Unfortunately, based on your responses, we're not quite ready to run an Event in June, so we are officially cancelling our June 1-Day on 6/27/20.

We hope that the response to the Coronavirus will keep moving in a direction that will allow us to run our August, September, October, and November Events safely and are actively working toward that goal.
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