The reality of the staff rules


Do we really need another long stabbing weapon to this game, and one that doesn't have a big soft pad on the end like a spear or oftentimes Polearms? Who honestly loves fighting against people with spears? I can tell you as an NPC, nothing hits my neck, face or groin as much as a spear.

Even those who use 1h or 2h swords, do you thrust with them often?

As fun as it is to jump on the "staves suck" bandwagon, they are like any other weapon in this game, if you know how to build and swing/control the weapon, you can be pretty good at it. Some weapons are good against other combinations, some aren't. Staff I find is great against polearms and 2H weapons, but not so much against Sword and Board.

All in all, Staff is fine for what it is intended to do. I would not like to see another thrusting weapon added.

I thrust a lot with my 1h sword, but it has a very intentionally well-built thrusting ti (that gets rebuilt seasonally at the first sign of wear), and I exercise sensible caution in thrusting because we don't require any protective gear.
Im happy to have inspired the discussion, honestly i just think the wording on the staff blurb should be changed to reflect the reality of why the limits are in place. "Due to safety reasons" is just plain silly.
I have seen some ideas that i love and others that made me think about ways in wich the rules could be expanded in new and interesting directions, but overall one is a simple edit to flavor text and the others require careful consideration and play testing.


I fought for about 2 years as a fighter with a staff. It can be very good, and a very strong defensive style of fighting while still gaining the 1.5 damage from proffs.

The middle area being marked is also possible a hold over. Staves used to require a section in the middle of that 3 foot area to also be closed off, and when striking you had to have 1 hand on top and on bottom.

Overall staves are pretty darn strong weapons, and could be used to great effect by every class. They are cheap and have some restrictions, sure.

Also, Darkcresent I am with you. #savethesternum #whythrust


Thrusting is a legal part of Alliance combat; players need to be encouraged to use it safely, but we shouldn’t use safety as a reason to disallow it. Thematic reasons, fine, but discouraging it for safety purposes is a bad move. If we do that, we should nix across the board.


Completely agree that it is allowed and that it should be encouraged to be used safely. I will cede that point to you. :)

(I have personal feelings about thrusting, and always have. That is for a different discussion!)