The Strigoi


Adventurers of Atupal:

Nearly 300 years ago, Gavaria survived and won a five-year war against an enemy called the Strigoi. By now, you have likely heard this name spoken of in various conversations under varying circumstances.

Strigoi are large insectoid creatures, almost like mosquitos, white with a large proboscis that they use to drain their victims of blood and essence. Little is known about them to this day, as they were destroyed in the war. Or so we thought.

I, along with several others, have recently uncovered potential evidence that the strigoi may not be as gone as we thought they were. Through a hindsight ritual, the Rose Wardens learned that there is at least one surviving Strigoi. A small humanoid form with white skin, blond hair, and red lips hatched from an egg that was being protected by the last of the Strigoi. As the tunnel collapsed, the figure was seen to be escaping. From this information, we've theorized that the Strigoi may have humanoid form.

This theory stems from the Strigoi's unique ability to take on the abilities and traits of the creatures they consume. For instance, if a Strigoi were to kill and feed upon an elf, it would gain the ability to resist commands. Likewise, if it were to feed upon an Oathsworn, it would gain the ability to resist elements. What we know about them today is what was known 300 years ago. [OOG: Strigoi are insectoid creatures that have one of each racial resistance and can swing with any rider.]

To this end, I ask for your help. Myself, along with Aiden Olrikson and Ignathis Nachtfeuer, have been tasked with recovering the body of a strigoi to present to the Crown. They are unable to assist unless we can bring them hard evidence that this ancient enemy may indeed be returning. There is much that we must learn, if we are to keep these creatures from becoming the threat they used to be. If anyone has heard anything about them, I'm asking for your assistance, for your help, to save Gavaria from what nearly destroyed it almost 300 years ago.

Kore Morleth
Cupbearer of Stalwood