The training grounds

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Rohnan stepped forward to admire her work. The ice storm fallowed by the flame storm had her, quite literally, blowing off steam. The training dummy that was the target of her outpour was slightly smouldering as Rohnan drew her sword and started attacking it. And yet the chorus of voices in her mind wouldn’t quit.

With a yell she threw her sword aside and started to pace. Jinn was probably not dead. But that didn’t mean that he wasn’t in danger or trouble. She also knew that he was just as likely to get himself out of any mess as easily as he got himself in it... but she had every right to worry.

Jinn was family. He made them a family. When she and Calan came back from that other shard with no memories of this place, Jinn was the only one who took the time to took the time to talk to her about who she was. Well the only one to do so that didn’t then immediately ask her to go grind up Fey. So she was worried. And it pissed her off that she apparently wasn’t aloud to. Why was it so wrong for her to worry about those she cared about. And what made Calan think he had any more right to want to look into this than her.

A single tear rolled down her cheek before she brushed it away. ‘None of that’ she thought to herself. As she turned back to the dummy. This time hurting lightning at it.
Arlyne then doubles back to the Sanctum, only to see Rohnan at the training grounds, still visibly upset. A burst of lightning erupted, striking the dummy. She watches Rohnan; seems like it was just yesterday she was doing the same herself.

"Copper for your throughts?" She quipped. "Or you can tell me to eff off; wont hold it against you." She smiles wittingly.

She takes out a bottle of wine, uncorks it, and takes a sip, offering it Rohnan. "Not as good as yours I'm afraid, but it'll take the edge off."
Rohnan spun around at the sound of a voice, an incant on the tip of her lips before she saw who it was. She couldn’t help but to laugh at Arlyne’s words. “I’d never tell you to eff off. Though I’d give you my thoughts for free. They really aren’t that interesting.” she accepted the offer of a drink readily though. “It might take more than a drink to take the edge off though.” She took a long drink. “What brings you out here? Can’t be me.”
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Arlyne smiles at Rohnan, silently thankful she didn't fry her *** on the spot.

"If it takes more than a drink, then it must be pretty serious."

She takes another sip and clears her throat

"To be honest, just checking in on a friend before I leave for the winter. You seemed unsettled when you left Evo's study and now you are here."
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“It’s probably because I am... unsettled?” She tried out the word and shrugged, “I suppose that’s as good of a term as any. I’m worried, then I’m angry that I’m worried and those who I’m worried about.” She took a deep breath before continuing. “Honestly the stress is going to start to prematurely age me.” She half joked.

She became pensive for a moment before continuing. “This has been a rough season here for everyone. I know that what we’re doing is important, but in many ways it feels like we’re alone. And then to know about those who are working towards their own goals at the detriment of the rest of us makes it hard to know who to trust.” She rubbed her tired eyes. It seemed that she was always tired lately. “I know that I’m fairly new here, even before my memories faded. It’s hard here for people to trust and harder to trust them back. And for me I have the added struggle of those that I do trust not telling me things in some hope of protecting me.” Rohnan thought to the banners that were found in Calan’s hiding spot. It was just the latest example of him keeping secrets. She doubted that if she wasn’t there with him when he found them that he would have ever shown her them and the note. “It just makes me feel alone too on top of everything else. Honestly, if I didn’t have people here that I cared about I would struggle to find a reason to stay.”

She shook her head as if she was trying to clear her thoughts. “Anyway, enough of my drama. Where are you headed for the winter? If you don’t mind me knowing?”
Arlyne tilts her head to one side, and decides not press on the matter.

Her expression darkens. "I can understand why it can be hard to trust people around here especially with the events that unfolded at the last gathering. It has me questioning as well."

She then realizes who she is referring to.

"Perhaps that is their goal. To protect you from whatever trouble may be coming your way. They must care for you alot. Or maybe they just need to get more information before sharing it with you. Would you do it for them as well?"

Arlyne empathizes with Rohnan about being alone. Whatever she is going through is hurting deeply. It wasn't too long ago that Arlyne felt the same way. She takes a long sip of the wine and levels her gaze on Rohnan.

"People care for you here Rohnan; I am glad that you are sticking around. Just know that you are never alone."

She pauses and thinks about her query. "As for me? I have some things to tend to at the Capital."
“I love that they want to protect me and that they care enough about me to... But I’m not defenceless, and at least mildly capable. I just feel like I’m in an endless loop just trying to prove myself. That’s why I was going to go to the capital, I wanted to study Conjuring. Not only because it’s a super interesting branch of magic, but because it could make me an asset. But, now... I feel a duty to my family. Because, you’re right. I do want to protect them, just the different is I don’t do so by trying to exclude them.”

“Anyway. It seems that I’ve worked the Majority of my frustrations out.” Rohnan took one more drink from the bottle. She took a moment to size up the human. Now that her mind has cleared a bit she could see that there was a heavy air around the Marshal. “Thank you Arlyne for talking to me. I’m glad that I can count you as a friend. And if you ever need help, all you have to do is ask. I feel like any of the Fallen Raven Clan would stand with you.”
"But you are an asset already, Rohnan don't you see that?" Arlyne feels somewhat frustrated. "You have the potential to do anything, there's no need to prove anything to anyone. Don't do it because you need to. Form your own path."

Her expression softens.

"Do what feels right."

Arlyne stops suddenly, realizing that what she's saying is exactly what she is doing right now. A wave of embarrassment washes over her ...the answer was there all along.

She nods at the Sylvanborn.

"You're welcome Rohnan. I wish you well in your Conjuring studies. I know you'll excel in it. Guess I'll be seeing you around the Capital; we should get a drink and catch up sometime."

She pauses.

"I may take up on your offer about help. I get stubborn sometimes and it has landed me in some hot water because I didn't ask."
Rohnan nodded her head “If your not really ready for help then that’s fine. But we are here for you when you’re ready. Not only us but I think that lots of people here would be with you if you asked. I had a conversation fairly recently with Stig. It actually reminded me a lot of the conversation that we had a few months ago when our roles were reversed. I’m going to tell you the same thing that I told him, because I think that it applies to you too; you exemplify the honour that you wish to see here. And it’s noticed. I know that there might be others that you might want to go to first, but we are here. I’m here.” She smiled, “Even if it’s just for a drink after an intense training session.”
Arlyne smiles back.

"Thank you Rohnan, you are too kind. I'm glad to know that I have friends I can depend on . It looks like we will be needing more of that in the coming months ahead."

She straightens her cloak and adjusts her shoulder back. For the amount of paperwork she's carrying, it does get heavy.

"It is getting late... I should be get going here. Thank you. For everything."

She starts making her exit and waves.

"Good luck!"
Rohnan smiled to Arlyne, “I hope you findwhat you’re looking for.” She said to the human as she walked off.

Rohnan then turned to look at the training area behind her, eyes going wide at the destruction that she caused. “Oops.” She checked to make sure that nothing was on fire the quickly started to head back to her bed before she caused any further damage.
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