The trial of purity and justice


"The adventurers of Eloria dispatched several leaders of the Syndicate and scattered the remaining forces into hiding. Why were they so interested in the island known as Ardic that the adventurers made home?

With the Syndicate threat greatly reduced, the White Wyverns are reported preparing for a ceremony and recalling all members to witness this ceremony. Any who wish to join the ranks of the White Wyverns are requested to attend, if they believe they can pass the Trial of Purity and Justice."

Anyone attempting o do this? I remember there was one adventurer who was a member of the White Wyverns. Do you have an idea what this trial entails? Also attend where? Do the white Wyverns have a home base somewhere?

I am a member of the White Wyverns, but this is news to me. I'm excited to participate...