The Veil Bleeds: Official Abominations of Solus Alt Campaign


*the following is an In Game status update of the Island Nation of Solus flavor text to help PCs understand the upcoming events as we reach the halfway point of our plotline and to close the Alt Plot Campaign, "Abominations of Solus"


Throughout the fields and fires of the Isle nation of Elves, there is suffering. Wherever you turn, there are signs of the veil's piercing. While the closing of Nexus points has ebbed the flood of the Esperbrand's influence on the extraplanar incursion, they are but sandbags against a rising tide. Each night, the comet seems to travel closer and closer, becoming brighter and brighter in the sky - on the most recent night of the New Moon, it becomes bright enough to dwarf the light of stars. The feeling of dread throughout the nation grows, and astrologers who were once curious as to the strange celestial body have now become obsessed with their work, some to the point of madness...

Your cognizance of the changes started out small at first, a mutated rat with fifth leg jutting out where the shoulder joint would be that twitches chaotically, or crystalline dew on flowers that is not ice, but some strange sulfurous-smelling mineral - but in the past months, it has grown exponentially. Now, whole families are effected, and the physical and mental shifts are becoming more apparent, driving some to fits of behavior that are not their own, but influenced by the planar forces that seep from everywhere... The people are fearful, and despite the efforts of Lord Cygnus on behalf of the Prince, small uprisings have occurred. As you are welcomed deeper into Solus, you see it is less the act of a gracious monarch, and more an act of apathy or desperation in the face of overwhelming dread.

Fleeing Solus seems to help ebb the tide of suffering, as countless rumors swirl of the Planar Influence abating once the borders of the island are crossed. There is no explanation for this, and many have taken it to mean it is the fault of the Monarchy, and riots have begun to break out in major cities, once great city states reduced to looting and anarchy. The only exception is those places seemingly effected by incursion from Order, where no riots happen, but the people still revolt in eerily organized protests of perfect linear symmetry and patterned sit-ins. Any boat capable of journeying past the borders of the isle has already done so, so only those capable of Mistwalking have the leave to come or go as they please. Many have taken what treasures they could, and have fled. It is said only those loyal to the crown remain in the Capital, with Lord Cygnus being the most well-known.

Opposing him on the Council of Lords is Lord Malarin. A second cousin to the Prince, Malarin has continuously brought information to light to the people that both Cygnus and the Prince wished secreted. With Malarin’s efforts, the Eight have become common knowledge throughout Solus. These eight symbols have seen their way into graffiti, vandalism, and inspiration. Each representing a different Elemental or Magisterium Plane of Influence, their influence is felt from the most common peasant to the powerful Lord – all thanks to the spread of Lord Malarin’s doing. It is rumored that he seeks to unbalance the power of the Throne, and the spread of this information is the first step in ousting Lord Cygnus. There are a variety of other Oldspeak symbols which have surfaced, but few have discerned their meanings, if any.

The Eight

Oldspeak Symbols 8 planes.jpg

The Eight have become common knowledge, and seem to be tied to not only the Planar Influence, but the emotional states of those they effect. All of these would be easy for PCs to find by speaking to any Solan or reading the many publications created by Lord Malarin’s people.

SYMBOL NAME – Pronunciation – Common Plane Translation – Emotional/Ideological influence

JHAMATE’ (ZHA-ma-tay) – Death – Greed

DEMATE’ (DE-ma-tay) – Life – Sacrifice

KARTUJ (kar-TOOJ) – Earth – Stability

MITAK (MY-tak) – Air – Freedom

ROPAJ (RO-paj) – Water – Adaptability

TAKME’ – (TAK-may) - Fire – Destruction

VAJHE’ (va-ZHAY) – Chaos – Anarchy

SUJHAI – (soozhe – HI) – Order - Focus

OOG: PCs, if you have any interest in playing a cosmetic mutation in your character, and will provide roleplay changes and physical makeup effects in doing so, your plot team is interested in bestowing you Local Chapter Only effects and roleplay additions for your efforts and RP. Make Up effects must be visible outside of clothing and CANNOT be used to simulate another player character or monster race. (Example, a number of sprouting rocks or gems over your face would not work, as there would be no way to discern you from a Selunari or Oathsworn – but a white, crystalline goatee and nose prosthetic to simulate ice would be okay)

Please contact us at with the PLANE of INFLUENCE and COSMETIC EFFECT you would like to implement, and it will be taken into consideration by Alt Plot.


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