The Vex Mortis

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    Lord Hellglaive,

    Your presence in Sleeping Dragon Pass is most welcome, as is any aid and training the Vex Mortis bring to our people. We have suffered greatly from the predations of the undead in the past, and always enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect with the sons of the Hellglaive family, whom have always acted as honourable men of the Empire. On behalf of all members of Brightstone's Council, I wish to extend to you our greetings and our thanks.

    Aden Corso
    Gentleman of Court
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  3. Freyir

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    Lord Hellglaive,

    Your presence in Fort Alliance is most welcome and an honor. I would relish the opportunity to train with you and learn from the Vex Mortis. If there is anything you need of me while you visit, please do not hesitate to ask. I will do what I can. You have my thanks for coming during such trying times.

    In Honor and Service,
    Squire Hildr' of House Phoenix
    Totem to Hawk

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