The Virtue System



Nobility in HearthGlen is handled by a unique method using tokens of Virtue. These tokens are granted when a person accomplishes or performs deeds that fulfill one of 16 different virtues. These virtues are granted by the principle upon which the virtue is based and additionally recognized by the various authorities of HearthGlen at a yearly banquet.

OOG notes - Virtue is earned by being nominated for one by another player, this can be an NPC or PC and are an out of game nomination (meaning the player, not the character is nominating the character, this represents the various principles of the world’s awareness having a chance to see all actions.) Once a player has successfully nominated another for a virtue, they may no longer nominate that character for another Virtue ever.

Earning these Virtues requires a great showing of the Virtue in relation to a person’s station and level of power. In general the more personal power a character has, the larger and more impactful an act will need to be in order to be considered worthy of Virtue. These can be single acts or smaller acts undertaken consistently over time.

Levels of Recognition

1 Virtue - Generally seen as a person of Note, This level makes applying for guilds/jobs etc. easier as the person is considered no longer a stranger to the land.

5 Virtues - Generally seen as a person of Merit. This level is a prerequisite for the noble ranks in training (Equivalent to a squire/cup bearer)

10 Virtues - Generally referred to as a person of noble bearing. This level is the prerequisite to be recognized as a noble (Knight, or Lord equivalent) This is also the highest level needed for nobility with gaining additional Virtue adding only to fame/renown.

16 Virtues - Extremely rare, is seen as a person obsessed with nobility. Some may look at the person earning this level with suspicion as many Virtues are not complementary so someone who earns all the Virtues is likely not behaving in a consistent manner. Or has changed their outlook over time.

The Sixteen Noble Virtues
The following is a list of the 16 virtues and how to earn them

1. Endurance - To persevere and persist
Continue to fight, pursue knowledge, or just live your life regardless of any obstacles in your path (Weather, resistance from allies or enemies, etc.)

2. Alacrity - To respond quickly and eagerly
Be prepared to act on a moments notice to threats and points of interest, without dawdling and with enthusiasm

3. Preservation - To ensure the past is remembered
Record events as they transpire and remind those around you of the information you have gathered, when relevant

4. Zeal - to give great effort in pursuit of a cause
Go above and beyond to better the town, in-game or out of game

5. Understanding - to gather and act upon knowledge
Seek out information and use this knowledge to further your goals, or the goals of your allies

6. Discernment - To discover the truth without revealing your own
Cleverly learn secrets about those around you without revealing your true intentions, and use that information however you please

7. Honesty - To lay oneself bare
Let your words and actions speak truth, regardless of the impact it may have on your own goals or agendas

8. Unity - to work towards the greater whole
Help the town accomplish their goals diligently and effectively, bringing everyone together not splitting them apart

9. Leadership - to gather and inspire
Create and accomplish goals, while gathering those around you to follow and assist, without resorting to dubious tactics to do so

10. Perception - to see from all sides
Understand an issue from all sides, without taking sides, even if it means not lending support to your allies

11. Ingenuity - to create or overcome through skill or cunning
Come up with and execute an ingenious way to overcome an obstacle in your path

12. Integrity - to remain true and reliable
Choose the moral high ground, regardless of who it pleases or angers

13. Valor - to rise above your limits in battle
Prove your worth on the battlefield to enemies and allies alike by being an effective threat to those who oppose you

14. Meditation - to calm all voices
Help those who would seek to oppose one another find common ground

15. Hospitality - to be welcoming and inviting
Host a town activity(in-game or out of game) to encourage community and make everyone feel welcome

16. Humor - to bring mirth to many
Bring joy and merriment to a time that may otherwise be dower, lighten the mood and boost your allies spirits

Important Details

A character can only earn up to 4 Virtues per season, and one per event they attend. Players may only submit one Virtue recommendation per game attended. Once a player has submitted a Virtue recommendation for a character, and that recommendation has been approved, that player can never again successfully recommend that particular character for a Virtue. This is to ensure that there is a variety of individuals who are seeing and acknowledging the actions of that character. The exception to this rule is ownership/plot staff can recommend a character as many times as they deem appropriate.

It should also be noted that it is not guaranteed that a Virtue recommendation will be approved just because it is submitted. Chapter ownership and the Plot Team will review all these submissions and come to a conclusion about whether or not the recommendation should be approved.

Virtue recommendations will be included in the Feedback Form for each event, found here on the forums. A small goblin stamp reward will be given out to each player who completes this form. It is not required to submit a Virtue recommendation to earn these goblin stamps.

Some Virtues can be earned out of game by doing things like volunteering, donating, and hosting events for players. These Virtues are still subject to the same rule of 4 per year and 1 per event attended.

A character must have at least 5 virtues earned before being considered for true Nobility. Earning Virtues does not guarantee you a spot in the Nobility, but it is a prerequisite. Due to the fact that there is a minimum of 5 Virtues required and only 4 may be earned in one year, awarded during the season closer banquet, we will be waiting until our 3rd season to elaborate further on the next steps of Nobility. This is for plot purposes, as to not spoil what may lay in HearthGlen, and to account for any changes or impacts the PCs may have on the world in the meantime.

Examples of Virtue applications

After a recent game the plot team received three applications for awarding Virtues, they read as below.

“I Would like to nominate Suzie Short-Swords for understanding for leading us to the lair of rich but evil monsters”

  • When plot reviews this, they will note that Suzie Short-Swords was given the map as a plot hook, since it didn’t require any effort, or much player input; this would not qualify for the virtue of understanding.

“I Would like to nominate Suzie Short-Swords for leadership in organizing a group of people from many different groups to go to the cave of evil but rich monsters, it was really great to fight alongside so many adventurers I don’t usually get to play with!”

  • When plot reviews this they agree that this fits the role of leadership, especially since Suzie Short-Swords has not organized adventurers before and note that this virtue has been granted!

“I Would like to nominate Suzie Short-Swords for alacrity in how fast she got a group of people together to go on a module this event”

  • When plot reviews this, they agree that this may fit the virtue of alacrity, however since Leadership seems like a better fit and Suzie Short-Swords can only earn one virtue per event, they respond that Suzie Short-Swords was awarded a different Virtue this game but thank the player for their submission!

As always, our goal is to make our game at Alliance Raleigh as safe and accessible for as many people as possible. We are open to feedback and discussions regarding this, and all, of our policies. Please feel free to discuss the policy here on the forums, in our Discord server, or our Facebook.