the website seems to be not open


I was looking to register for this year's larp, but it seems that the website domain name is left open to purchase.
Is there some site I could go to to register?

Also, I wouldn't be able to spend the night, would that be problematic for participating in the LARP?

I would be able to spend the night after mid-June, though.


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The SoMN website itself has been down for some time now. The chapter is going through some changes of ownership and the forums are the best place to stay updated on where things are at. I'm sure Jordan ( @Valentino ) and his crew are hard at work getting things up and running for this season.

As for spending the night, you're welcome to come and go as you please! The one thing I could way is make sure to let at least one person know when you leave so there's no concern that you may have gotten hurt alone somewhere.)