The wedding of Shay and Morganna


Hello, my friends!
Yesterday was, without question, the biggest day of my life. I am now married, and so very happy.

But there were some people who would have liked to have been there, but could not make it; similarly, there were some who were with us Lerullus and were disappointed to not be a part of it or at least just would have liked to get to have seen it. For the benefit of all who were not present, and for posterity in general, I'd like to tell the story of what happened.

The original intent was for a small, quick ceremony. Circumstances changed and more people were invited- if you feel you should have been but were not, please accept my regrets! The ceremony was, however, still pretty short.

We began with me and Morganna standing already together at the front, with Kjeld as our officiant, at the head. To the side, but also at the top, was Dame Nyrani, to whom I was squired for a time. On the ground behind each of myself and Morganna were swords.

Kjeld spoke first- he thanked people for coming, said nice things about the couple (I am afraid I do not have a transcript- perhaps Kjeld can add one), and introduced a tradition of his people that we had agreed to undertake, in the absence of a unifying tradition between us. We were to exchange family swords, over which we would recite our vows. Before we got through even that much, however, we were interrupted.

Baron Vasilyev of Brimm's Watch, who as far as I had known was miles away, appeared at the back of the aisle. He strode towards us, calling to stop the ceremony. He said that he would not allow his squire to get married this way, and told me to remain kneeling (as I had kneeled upon his approach). He then went on to ask me to swear a series of oaths, and grant me knighthood. (Your Excellency, it was a privilege to be your squire. Thank you. Also, you have a fine sense of theater.) He then allowed the ceremony to proceed, as no longer was his squire getting married.

Kjeld finished his oratory, and I reached for the sword I had brought to offer to my bride. Here, Nyrani interrupted, placing the Right Hand of the Empire, the sword she has wielded since her time in Parna, into my hand. It was her wedding gift to me, and she wanted me to consider it my sword to present to Morganna. I gave her my heartfelt thanks (further thanks could wait until it wasn't holding up the ceremony!) and I presented the sword. Then, I read my vows.

"The land I first came from is far behind me, now. I left it with nothing, and when I arrived in Travaelia, I was seeking a cause to die for. Instead, I found someone to live for. Morganna, I pledge to be beside you for all the days that we both shall live. To support you when you are wounded or sick. To help you in your need, and to accept your aid when I struggle beyond my might. And to be with you each day where everything goes so well we don't know what to do with ourselves, and to strive to make that every day."

Morganna then presented me with her sword, and as we both held it, recited her vows:

"When I came to Trevaelia I did not know who I was. I found myself, but at great personal cost. Through all that you were the steady hand at my side, the open ear, the strong shoulder and the warm embrace. The day the Vor took the beachhead in Arbory, it may have been a loss for the Trevalian Army, and not the most tactically sound decision either of us has ever made, but since the day our spirits re-entered this world beside one another I have known that beside you is exactly where I am meant to be. I swear to you, Shay dea'Saryn, to carry your name with honor, to hold love and kindness for your hearth and fury for your enemies. I swear, though we do not know where the road we walk will lead, to stride down it always at your side, for you have been my guiding star. Be we hand in hand or separated by nations I will always be yours if you will always be mine."

We then exchanged bracelets (having decided that rings were unwise for sword wielders like ourselves)- hers with raven heads (the heraldic device of my now-extinguished House in my original homeland), and mine with triskelions. Kjeld then declared us to be wed, and we kissed for the first time as husband and wife.

We started to tell everyone that there would be cake in the tavern when we were, yes, interrupted again. This time, somewhat more concerning, by two fae of the Night Court. They had heard that there was a wedding! They didn't really know what weddings were so they thought it was very interesting. In fact, they were going to try it themselves soon. But they came to ours and they gave us gifts- they "cursed" Morganna to be temporarily immune to Flame and Lightning, and me to be temporarily immune to Chaos. We thanked them and they grandly let us go on to the reception. They also gifted us a bottle of fae wine, which was shared in the tavern.

The tavern was laid out with four cakes at this point- one beautiful cake with a castle and a sugar "Kjeld", made to celebrate his birthday, another beautiful cake made by Terren, in the shape of a curled up dragon, and finally two cakes that I had purchased from local bakers, because I feared we wouldn't have enough. We nearly didn't.

Thank you again, to Kjeld for performing the ceremony (and none better, in my opinion), to Nyrani for being family to stand in for the families that could not properly give us away to each other, to Terren for baking a cake (that tasted amazing), and to everyone in the community for being there over the years.


One small correction, Sir Shay... that sword was a gift for your Knighting. I gave you and Lady Morganna your wedding gift earlier, in private.

It was my greatest joy to see the culmination of that journey, one that I had long felt was more formality than education. You will make a fine Knight and a fine husband, as only such a fine example of the best of us can be.

With all my love, children,
Dame Ny'ranï Sheehar al'Basteua
Knight of the Order of Madeleine of Parna
Matriarch of the Serpent's Pride


Thank you for your correction! And for your kind words.
My most heartfelt thanks to all our family and friends who were able to attend, and my love out across the dreams to those who could not join us.

Most of all, my love to my new husband for ensuring that this story has been shared. It has been along time coming. Both our union and your knighthood.

Here's to many years and much joy beside one another, my love.

And here's to many more triumphs alongside those Sir Shay and I have come to call comrades. We would not be here without you all.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

~Morganna dea'Saryn of Brimm's Watch and the Serpent's Pride