The World At Large

NEW! From The Friendly Folks of Firebend!
We, the High Ogres of Firebend, are proud to present to all of you classy Voidesmarchians our newest line of summer products. Ranging from perfumes like our new scent Conseils de Nature (helpful in camouflaging your odor when stalking prey in most natural landscapes*) to our latest party line of traps and explosives (fun for the whole family, invite your friends**), we always strive to be the leader in hot new trends across all of Rumeria!

You can find all these and more at your local Firebend Brand Alchemical merchant or any number of traveling wagon trains. Tell the NOT underpaid Kobold staff about this and receive a discount on your next purchase! And if you're ever in the area, feel free to visit our many workshops to see how the magic*** happens and always remember, "You can't spell progress with Ogres!"

*Claims of camouflaging scents not yet verified outside of the occasional rumor and baseless drunken boast.
**If by fun you mean death, family you mean enemies, and friends you mean victims, the above statement is correct.
***Little to no actual magic is performed here. This is alchemy, not incantations and arm waving. Real alchemists spend hundreds of hours blowing themselves up in these workshops to produce the high quality goods you lot take for granted every single day...Ingrates.
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Jack wanted to show a glimpse of the general world view (albeit a bit modernized) and how some merchants operate. The Firebend Alchemical Merchants Association (FAMA) is just one of the many groups that exist within the world of Rumeria. Their reach can be felt across the country of Voidesmarche and has happily crossed the borders into West Rumeria (East Rumeria has stricter laws on merchant trade because of the Guild Cities and thus restricts imports). While they may not be major players in a political sense, they are rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the merchant world.

This is just one story: There are many more where that came from and you can begin your story in Voidesmarche.