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August, 21, 6E

Imperial Regent Declares War on Wyndael - Stormbreak Keep Besieged!
By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief

War has broken out in Wyndael. During the summer House Wyndael declared support for the claim of Luin Geifer to the Imperial Throne. Luin Geifer and High Magnates Keenan and Ryatt invited representatives of all the major houses to come to Wyndael to try to convince them to support Luin’s claim. Naturally, word of the summit reached the Imperial House as well. General Argus Stratos, the Regent’s son, traveled to Wyndael.

Backed by an impatient Baralise, and under a flag of parlay the general informed High Magnate Ryatt, his cabinet, and the assembled adventurers that he was traveling ahead of the 1st and and 2nd Legions, who had orders to burn their way to Stormbreak if parlay was not honored and he did not return. He offered clemency to High Magnates Ryatt and Keenan if they withdrew their support to Luin Geifer and turned him over to Imperial Authorities. He explained that they would lose their noble positions, of course, but that they would not be subjected to the Rite of Banishment and that their patron house would not be punished for their actions.

After a very brief discussion with his Cabinet, Ryatt refused the general’s offer. General Stratos then made an offer to the wylderkin in the High Magnate’s cabinet. He stated that if they turned over the High Magnates and Luin Geifer, one of them would be elevated to High Magnate of House Wyndael and the rest could be made Lords within the provence. “Wyndael would be ruled by Wylderkin. Is that not what your people want?”

Tibialis, the only one of House Wyndael’s Wylderkin cabinet present at the time, categorically refused the general’s offer. The General instructed them to consider his offer, stating that the Regent had ordered him to resolve the matter immediately and that if they would not see reason the only recourse left was violence. “Your people have suffered enough, and I don’t want to shed blood, but I will. And once the blood begins to spill, any negotiation will be off the table. Consider the offer,” he said before departing.

Some accounts indicate that Cabinet Member Greyson McAllister, the dwarf Olē and the Arianis Gregor spoke further with General Argus outside of the tavern before he and Barlise departed, but what was said is unknown.

In the following days the Wyndael cabinet met with the representatives of the Great Houses of the Empire to try to secure their support for Luin Geifer. Each delegation met privately with the Cabinet over the next few days. Ultimately houses Sterne, Meer, and Verger granted their support to the cause while Houses Mithril and Geifer stated they would support House Stratos and Regent Vikkin. House Heinlein offered supplies, but stated that they would not field troops to fight under the banner of a former slaver. It is also noted that most experts anticipate that a large portion of House Giefer will back Luin’s claim out of personal loyalty to his family name, rather than support Overlady Ludella Passerholm.

As the days passed reports of the Imperial Legion marching towards Stormbreak Keep, burning and killing anything in their path began to spread. This fueled speculation that General Stratos had gone back on his word give House Wyndael until the Legion reached the keep to consider his offer. Most, however, stated that reneging on a word given did not sound like something Argus Stratos would do, as all acknowledged he was an honorable man.

Things got more confusing when a force of troops consisting of Imperial Legionnaires, House Geifer Guard and House Mithril Guard arrived under the command of Lord Yuldus Giefer. When the defenders of Wyndael demanded to speak with General Argus, Lord Yuldus insisted that he had been murdered under a flag of parlay. House Wyndael forces insisted this was not true, but Lord Yuldus ordered an attack.

The fighting was pitched and incredibly difficult, as the Empire had not only superior numbers, but also two Gryphons on the field, Baralise and Offizer Jennis Kevol formerly of Talon Company (whom some adventurers called “Doom Doom Jr.” for some reason). However, during the battle there was a massive blast of pure magical energy that shot from the woods to the south and hit Baralise, causing her to explode. A short time later another blast struck Offizer Kevol, blowing him up too. The few pieces of them that remained did not fade for resurrection and it’s believed that both Gryphons were permanently slain.

Without the Gryphons, and with Lord Yuldus forced from the field, only the dwarves of House Mithril remained, and without the orders of Lord Yuldus the fight ground to a halt. The defenders of Wyndael returned a captured dwarf soldier and in return, the dwarves returned Cabinet Member Mardex, whom they had captured in the fighting. Reports indicate however that Olē, who spent the entire battle with his blade in its sheath and attempting to stop the hostilities with words, was captured. Some reports, however, say he willingly surrendered himself to the Legion.

At the same time as the battle raged at Stormbreak Keep a force of Imperial Legionnaires under the command of Overlord Nolon Platnumspike attacked the Manor House. Magnates Ryatt and Keenan were able to hold off the attack, though they acknowledge that they believed it was more of a probing attack designed to test Wyndael’s defences and to prevent them from sending troops to the keep.

As soon as the Imperial forces at the Manor withdrew, Magnate Ryatt raced to Stormbreak Keep to check on the status there. Shortly after he arrived and debriefed the adventurers there a messenger arrived stating that the Imperial forces had surrounded the area and begun preparations to lay a siege, cutting off Stormbreak Keep and the surrounding area.

In short order an Imperial Messenger arrived, reading an official declaration of war, which is reprinted below:

Let it be known by order of Regent Vikkin Stratos, on behalf of Her Imperial Eminence, Empress Venna Stratos I, ruler of the Cloud Empire and Overlady of House Stratos, that the Great Houses Verger, Sterne, and Meer as well as their vassal houses, particularly the Lesser House Wyndael, misled by dangerous and ill-designing peoples, have committed High Treason against the Cloud Empire by supporting the unfounded claim of former Overlord Luin Geifer for the Throne.

These Houses have forgotten the allegiance which they owe to the Imperial Throne and have declared their nefarious and lawless intent to overthrow the rightful ruler of the Cloud Empire. As of this writing, the Twelfth Day of the Eighth month in the year Twenty One of the Sixth Era, no blood has yet been shed. Upon the first drop of blood shed, or upon activation by Regent Vikkin, the following dictates shall be instituted and considered as direct proclamations from the Regent himself on behalf of Her Imperial Eminence Empress Venna I.

I) The houses mentioned above and any of their vassal houses/agencies that do not immediately declare and support the rightful and lawful position of Her Imperial Eminence, Venna Stratos I, shall be in open rebellion against the Empire.

II) Luin Geifer as well as any noble or commoner backing the false, wicked and treasonous claims of he, House Sterne, House Meer, and/or House Verger have declared themselves enemies of the good and leal citizens of the Cloud Empire and should be treated as dangerous enemies. These traitors forfeit all rights, privileges, ranks, position, property, wealth, freedom and their very lives for their dangerous and lawless actions.

III) All nobles, officers, soldiers, militia and guildsmen are hereby required to oppose the treasonous parties and criminal servants thereof notated above and bring them to justice. Loyal subjects of the Empire may not neglect nor violate their duty through ignorance thereof, or through any doubt of the protection the law will afford to their loyalty and zeal. Accordingly all loyal subjects, regardless of rank or position, are to use their utmost endeavours to withstand and suppress such rebellion, and to disclose and make known all treasons and traitorous conspiracies which they shall know to be against the Empire.

IV) The following parties are hereby stripped of all title, rank and privilege and are to be apprehended and brought to Wolkenstadt for immediate trial of High Treason: Luin Geifer, Izikiel Ryatt, Elizabeth Keenan, Elmary Sterne, Kitty Verger, Porona Meer. These malicious malcontents have plunged this peaceful and lawful Empire into a state of chaos and shall be held to account for their crimes against all citizens, as shall all who imprudently follow them.

V) Those wishing to abandon their oaths to the named parties above who have so recklessly abandoned their own oaths shall surrender themselves to Imperial officials immediately to demonstrate their loyalty to the just and proper ruler of the Throne.

By my hand,
Vikkin Stratos
All Hail Empress Venna I

As of now both imperial legions and a large force of house guard for Houses Mithril and Geifer are present in the area. Both Stormbreak Keep and the Manorhouse are cut off from the rest of the provence and passage to and from them is impossible. Hundreds of Wylderkin refugees who had fled in the advance of the Legion are stuck within the besieged area as well.

House Gefier Imperial loyalists have been granted authority by the Regent to arrest any dissidents who are not performing their Imperial duty to assist the Crown’s forces. These citizens are being forced to work to aid the Imperial war effort.

“Harbinger” Defeated
By: Josam, Reporter at large

The spectral blue elf that has been called the “Harbinger” has been defeated! The creature, which has been followed by the mad cannibal orcs that obey her orders but seem ignorant of her existence, has been a plague on Wyndael all year. Further, it is generally believed that it was she and the orcs who pushed the trolls from the Glacier last year, causing them to flood into Wyndael in the first place.

Council Member Roark, along with Qori the Azarka and Mari and Florinath the elves, believed they knew where to find the secret of the Harbinger and traveled to the Glacier. Indeed, they report finding her grave and burning the bones of her mortal body, though Florinath seemed to have died in the endeavor. The threat seemed over, but there was no change in the behavior of the cannibal orcs attacking Wyndael. Indeed, a few weeks later, the Harbinger was spotted again.

The surviving members of the expedition lamented that a few of the bones seemed to be missing, and soon intelligence came indicating that there were four bones that had not been buried. Indeed, the Harbinger appeared again, seemingly focused on Qori, Roark and Mari. The Undead Orc Goretongue was with her, as was a huge force of undead Orcs. The heroes of Wydalel stood strong, however, slaying the orcs nearly to a man. Goretongue rifted away, abandoning the orc leader Warchief Ko’Dalaan who was then slain.

Thankfully intelligence arrived the next day in the form of an intercepted letter explaining where the remaining bones of the Harbinger’s physical body was. The heroes of Wyndael spent the next day or so collecting them. The final piece however, a jawbone, was worn as a totem by one of the orc leaders.

Once all but the jawbone were recovered Mari advocated burning them. As they began, however, the Harbinger reappeared, again with Goretongue and a huge force of orcs, and attacked. During the fighting the defenders were able to slay the orc who wore her jawbone and throw it into the fire. The Harbinger seemed to be convinced by the pleas of Mari to order the Orcs to attack Goretongue and they sarmed him. The undead orc rifted away. His lair had been discovered earlier in the day, but could not be approached at the time. The heroes mounted another expedition after he fled the battle but found it abandoned.

Without the Harbinger, who was believed to be purposely spreading the curse of hunger throughout the populace, it’s hoped that Wyndael can stem the tide of the damage done -though a large force of Orcs are still present in a fortification at the base of the Frostbite Mountains. Aheeha the dryad has been tirelessly working on a cure and it has been administered to many. However Goretonue is still on the loose and even though the Harbinger is not around to direct them, there are still thousands of orcs in the area, many in a fortified dwelling north of Stormbreak keep.

Still, Magnate Ryatt is optimistic, saying “We’ve stopped the bleeding on this problem, so to speak, and if we stand together and remain true we can defeat this threat as we have defeated so many others.”

Tibialis Made Magnate
By: Josam, Reporter at large

During the summer High Magnate Izikiel Ryatt made a happy announcement. Tibialis the Spider Kin was elevated to the rank of Magnate within House Wyndael. This announcement was made to the cheers of the assembled people, though Magnate Tibialis himself was absent, as he was in an important meeting with the Wylderkin of the area working on the new government that would be formed after Luin Geifer ceded Wyndael back to the Kin.

Tibialis has been instrumental to the success of Wyndael in the last couple of years. In addition to serving faithfully as a member of House Wyndael’s cabinet, he was also vital to several of the negotiations to get the Great Houses to back Luin Giefer, particularly House Verger.

He also directed the formation of a Wylderkin militia consisting of trained volunteers teaching recruits how to stand and fight during wartime. This force, led by the Owl Kin Aleyar, has taken to calling themselves Tibs’ Titans and is expected to become the core of the Wyndael Army once Wyndael forms its own nation.

As if this wasn’t enough, Tibialis has been at the forefront of forging the details of a new government for Wyndael that retains the freedoms held by the last attempt at self-governance without repeating the mistakes that led to its failure.

It’s clear that High Magnate Ryatt has chosen well in elevating Tibalis and we all extend a hearty huzzah and consider ourselves lucky we have such a leader in our midst.

Valorin Tinpenny Elected King Proprietor of Newhome
By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief

In an unexpected turn in the Newhome Election, Valorin Tinpenny has been named King. An underdog promising vast reforms, most expected that Tinpenny would lose to Signa Goldpipe, who has served as Queen Proprietor for 20 years and was the Overlady of House Goldpipe before that when the nation was part of the Empire.

The turning point seemed to come with the earthshaking confession by the Queen’s Spymaster, Brollus Greenwillow, that he had been dispatched to Wyndael to kidnap the visiting Valorin to force him to miss the final, critical, days of the campaign.

Greenwillow confessed that when Queen Signa learned that Valorin was looking for support from Wyndael that she’d sent him there to try to bribe the locals who had agreed to help Tinpenny’s campaign into helping to kidnap him. These locals, including Etta, Ironclaw, Syrus and Eurig, instead opted to aid Tinpenny in capturing Brollus. The fight evidently ended in a stalemate, but Valorin was able to convince Brollus to do the right thing and confess the Queen’s corruption in exchange for a pardon and a position in the new government.

The obvious and blatant effort to cheat the outcome of the election seemed to turn the tide of the electorate just enough, and Tinpenny was narrowly elected. The new King Proprietor has announced that he intends to rule for all the people of Newhome, the rich and poor alike and that he believes that with his reforms he can improve the lives of all in Newhome, not just the rich.

A Word from the Magnates

These are trying times.

We are beset upon by those who would cast our people into bondage and our Empire into a bloody war. Every way we turn we see the horror and misery that the Cloud Empire has inflicted upon our people and our way of life. The Darkness seems absolute.

Though the battle may be arduous and we may lose those along the way whom we call friend and family. Though the war may stretch for what feels like an eternity. Though scarcity may, in forcing to the surface the true character of our friends and neighbors, cause us to mistrust and to hoard. Though evil may try to make cowards of us all.

We must persist.

We must treat each other with the nobility of the heart that we all know is inside of us. We must find our best selves.

We must hold to each other. We must hold to hope.

When this long night is over the sun will rise on the free peoples of Wyndael.

In service and by my hand,
High Magnate Izikiel Ryatt