The Wyndael Word - June, 21 6E


The Wyndael Word
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June, 21, 6E

Blood for Blood Allies With Trolls. Tu’Throk Defeated!
By: Josam, Reporter at large

Blood for Blood has continued to stage attacks on House Wyndael forces and citizens, openly declaring that they will kill any Imperial citizen supporting what they call “the Imperial occupation of Wyndael.” House Wyndael has been combatting Blood for Blood all winter with a combination of providing food to hungry citizens, actively hunting members who are harming people and recruiting local Wylderkin into the House Wyndael Guard to try to demonstrate that the Kin will have a hand in ruling the provence and not be dictated to by Imperial nobles. Recently High Mangates Ryatt and Keenan even placed the Wylderkin Mardex on their cabinet and sought his advice frequently since doing so. Rumors are swirling that the Magnates are looking to add additional kin to their council as well.

Still, Blood for Blood insists that any Imperial rule in Wyndael is totally unacceptable and that they will fight the Empire until their land is freed. Apparently this includes allying with the trolls. The first hint of the alliance occurred when Wylderkin citizens sought help in Stormbreak keep claiming that trolls had attacked their village. The heroes naturally leapt to assist, but when they marched out to engage the trolls they were also attacked by the Kin who led them there as well as the village’s Wylderkin inhabitants.

The fight fared poorly for House Wyndael’s defenders, and a traveler from a land called Barran was forced to resurrect. Still, Wyndael forces were able to rally and defeat the terrorists and trolls and carry the day.

The suspicion of the alliance between the trolls and Blood for Blood was confirmed the following day when a Kin named Tusker, who admitted being a member of Blood for Blood, turned himself in. He stated that he believed the Empire should be out of Wyndael and that he was willing to shed any amount of Imperial blood to make that happen but that the alliance with Trolls, who had just last winter been butchering his people, was too much. He just wanted to get away and live his life. Though he was otherwise uncooperative, this kin did identify the new leader of Blood for Blood: A bull kin named Mannius.

The kin was installed under guard as a “guest” in the High Magnates’ manor house until he could be questioned further, but somehow was murdered in his room. An investigation is underway as to how this occurred.

Thankfully this tentative alliance came to an end almost as soon as it started. Greyson McAllister, a member of the House Wyndael Cabinet, had a vision because of the necklace he had procured that linked him to the troll wizard Tu’Throk. He was able to determine that the troll was meeting with Mannius nearby to cement the alliance. He immediately informed High Magnates Izikiel and Elizabeth and they rallied the warriors nearby to march there immediately.

Arriving just in time to see Tu’Throk and Mannius shake hands the group immediately attacked the assembled force of trolls and Blood for Blood. The enemy was powerful but they did not seem to be expecting an attack, and the element of surprise worked well for the heroes of Wyndael. Tu’Throk was slain and, without a cauldron, is unable to resurrect. Reports are unclear on the specifics but it seems that Mannius was able to get away, though the rest of the Blood for Blood forces on the field were forced to resurrect.

“Mannius may still be on the loose,” said Captain Drata Fortinguard, the commander of House Wyndael’s defensive operations. “The trolls are pretty much done though, and without their numbers Blood for Blood can’t hope to stand against a united Wydael.”

“Still” the captain added, “what we really want is for those misguided folks to realize that we want to help them be part of the government here, not fight them or put them under our thumb.”

Orcs Attack Wyndael!
By: Josam, Reporter at large

In mid May Wyndael came under attack by a large force of Orcs. The leader of the orcs identified himself as Warmaster Ko’Dolaan of the Koh’Stoh. He demanded that those inside the keep surrender and evacuate so the Koh’Stoh could take up occupation. He commanded those within to turn over any Ogres for immediate consumption and stated that any Wylderkin who wanted could earn a place in their ranks.

The defenders refused to venture out of the keep to engage the Orcs and so they charged the gates. Many noticed two strange figures with the Orcs. The first was a glowing blue Elven woman who seemed to be intangible and would not speak to anyone but the Orcs. Oddly, none of the Orcs seemed to acknowledge her and, in fact, seemed completely unable to see or perceive her in any meaningful way. Still, if she ordered the Orcs to do something, they unerringly obeyed. The other figure was a huge undead Orc wearing a bone crown that was called “Goretongue” by Ko’Dolaan.

The Orcs were able to force the keep’s defenders to their wards where they refused to venture out. Ko’Dolaan demanded to speak with whomever was in charge so they could surrender the keep, but the assembled adventurers merely referred him to the High Magnates, who were not present. Thankfully they did not inform them where the Magnate’s manor house was. The Orcs ultimately departed after a small skirmish, stating that they would return and the keep would be surrendered or everyone in it would be slain.

True to his word, Ko’Dolaan led his army back the following night. Again the keep’s defenders refused to take the field, but they attempted to repel the Orcs as they rushed the main entrance. The fight went poorly and several adventurers fell. Worse, several Orcs were witnessed to be infecting some of the fallen with some sort of affliction. There are also conflicting reports that the blue Elf spirit may also have been infecting fallen people. Ultimately the defenders of the keep were again scattered to their Wards and Ko’Dolaan led his army away, slaughtering and consuming several wylderkin in a nearby village.

Those who were affected found themselves ravenously hungry, but no food was appetizing. Worse, their hunger made them highly irritable and prone to angry outbursts. To date, there is no known cure for this affliction.

Reports have come in that the Orcs are continuing to ravage the area, attacking Kin and eating them. Some reports indicate that Kin are being kidnapped by the Orcs, never to be seen again. House Wyndael patrols have engaged some groups of the Orcs, often resulting in stalemates.

More troubling, however, are confirmed reports that people are being affected with the same symptoms as the Keep’s defenders who were infected. Both among the citizens terrorized by the Orcs and the House Wyndael soldiers who have done battle with them. At current there is not a cure, though Healer’s Guildmistress Acara Firth has stated that they are working to find one and that, in the meantime, any Remove Curse spell cast upon an afflicted will bring them relief for around an hour.

At the moment there are several theories as to who the Orcs are. The Kingdom of Orentis has strenuously denied any connection with the Orcs in question. Most believe that this is the same force of Orcs that attacked Iceforge and were repelled late last year. Some hypothesize that the Orcs must be what drove the trolls to cross the Frostbite Mountains into Wyndael last year as well.

Currently, however, there are far more questions than answers when it comes to these “Koh’Stoh Orcs.”

Luin Geifer Surfaces!
By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief

Luin Geifer, the disgraced former overlord of House Geifer, has been spotted in Wyndael. Reports state that he was escorting a large group of Dryads from Newhome to Wyndael, where the Dryads wished to settle. During their trip, however, they were attacked by slavers wishing to take the Dryad’s as slaves since there are areas of the Empire where Dryads are not considered citizens.

The adventurers of Wyndael first became aware of Luin’s arrival when a dryad who identified himself as Acantus Mollier burst into the mess hall, claiming he and his husband and friends had been attacked. Council Member Roark rallied a group of warriors and followed Acanthus back to where they had been attacked. There they found Luin Gifer and another Dryad named Dunna taking refuge in a circle of power Luin had cast while the slavers milled around, waiting for the spell to expire so they could continue the attack. Roark led his group to engage the slavers and when he had the chance Luin dropped his circle and joined in the fight, helping the Wyndael forces defeat the criminals.

Acanthas and Luin embraced, pleased to see one another, and Luin thanked Roark and explained that when they were attacked most of the Dryads who were under his protection had scattered. He claimed he lured as many of the slavers away as he could and was forced to cast the circle of power.

Roark, unaware of who Luin was, took him to speak with the High Magnates. High Magnate Ryatt immediately ordered Luin to leave Wyndael under pain of death, however Luin apparently asked for a temporary stay in this order until the missing dryads could be found. Luin claimed that they were under his protection and that he wished to see them safe before departing. Many openly suspected that Luin had actually enslaved the Dryads but after talking to Acanthus and Dunna, and administering an Enslavement Antidote, both still claimed that Luin was telling the truth, had not enslaved anyone, and had been helping the Dryads population while in exile in Newhome. Reluctantly, after a long deliberation with their cabinet, High Magnates Keenan and Ryatt allowed Luin to remain for a few days to secure the safety of this missing dryads.

In the subsequent days Luin was able to recover many of the dryads in his entourage, some with the assistance of the adventurers of Wyndael, though it is unknown as of this writing if all were recovered. There are also reports of one or more assassination attempts made upon Luin Geifer. One wild story even claims that the sweet tempered Assistant Healer’s Guildmistress Loray even murdered Luin in a tavern full of people. As of this writing it is unknown if Luin Geifer was forced to resurrect or his current whereabouts. It is also not yet clear if Luin Geifer was involved in the plot to take the dryads captive as slaves in the first place, a theory that several of put forward.

Newhome Election Comes to Wyndael
By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief

Newhome’s odd system of government has led to campaigning in Wyndael. Newhome, ever since breaking away from the Empire over 20 years ago, practices an odd form of governance where every decade the people choose their sovereign. The current ruler is Queen Proprietor Signa Goldpipe, who has ruled ever since Newhome broke away from the Empire and used to be the Overlady of the region when it was part of the Empire. She is being challenged by a hobling named Valorin Tinpenny, who recently visited Stormbreak Keep.

Reports indicate that Tinpenny chatted up several adventurers inviting them to come to Newhome and help his campaign there, promising equality for the poor and races oppressed by their money-centric culture as well as patronage positions for any special donors.

“Right now Queen Signa is using her vast power and money to prevent my candidacy from having any real chance of success, but I didn’t get where I am today by quitting,” Goodman Tinpenny said when we spoke with him.

When asked what his first act would be as King Proprietor he vowed to lower the poll tax, a tax that evidently must be paid by Newhome citizens before they can vote for sovereign, from 5 gold to only a few coppers. “Right now it ensures only the rich have any say in who rules Newhome, and those without funds are left without any voice in the kingdom,” Tinpenny claimed.

As of this writing it’s unconfirmed reports indicate some adventurers have traveled to Newhome to assist in Tinpenny’s campaign.

News from Around the Empire
Wokenstadt: Reports indicate that General Argus Stratos, the son of Regent Vikikin, has been added to the Imperial Cabinet and has been given the immense task of handling much of the day to day governance of the Empire. Regent Vikkin, meanwhile, has announced a lavish ball to be held to celebrate the birthday of his daughter, Zedda Stratos.

Elboggenstadt: The Wylderkin advocate, Dorant, gave another speech urging peaceful resistance to the Imperial occupation of Wyndael. Most noted that his crowd sizes were dismally small. It seems the execution of Molain, the leader of the so called Wyndael Resistance, has caused most of the protesters to either give up or join the terrorist organization known as Blood for Blood.

Baumweld: Increased elven patrols have been spotted along the Quyah'scenthaal border ever since the elves have closed off all access to their lands. In response House Baumweld had increased patrols on the Imperial side as well. So far no incidents have been reported.

Ostenwasser Sea: A report indicates that a Stormborn ship was seen sailing along Maelstrom Bey. The Imperial Cutter Diligence gave chase but a storm caused them to lose track of the vessel. “We didn’t find any wreckage though,” says Lieutenant Tella Schofbauer, the commanding office or the Diligence. “As a result, we’re confident they’re still out there.” The Imperial navy as launched a search, but thus far has not found any sign of the Stormborn vessel.