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The Wyndael Word
All the news of Wyndael!
February 15, 21, 6E

Message from the Editor
By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to our first edition of The Wyndael Word. Funded by House Wyndael, this publication will report events within our new provence and news from the Empire that will affect our citizens. I will be the editor-in-chief. Our main reporter is the Wylderkin citizen Josam though we have a few contributors and hope to have many more as time goes by. We will welcome articles contributed (though of course we will need to pick, choose and sometimes edit contributions for clarity.)

Our hope is that the Wyndael Word will be able to bring news of the world and stories important to our citizens directly to you so we can all be informed of events. After all: an informed citizen is necessary for the best civilization we can build!

War-Torn Wyndal Weathers Wearying Winter
By: Josam, Reporter at large

Winter hit Wyndael in full force and it has been one of the worst in recent memory. Massive snowfalls are leaving the snow so deep that most must wade through hip deep snow if they venture from their homes to gather firewood to keep warm or try to forage for food to keep fed.

Any sought after food itself can be difficult to come by as well. With half the province conquered by trolls during the planting and harvest seasons, and miles more in contested territory damaged by warfare, there were precious few crops planted that were able to be harvested. Thankfully a Bountiful Harvest ritual scroll donated by the adventurer Mari and cast by Assistant Guildmistress Acara Firth of the Healer’s Guild helped the harvest for the affected area. The ritual provided a substantial amount of food, but it was not enough for all the hungry people of Wyndael for the entire winter.

House Sterne naturally has been bringing in caravans of supplies to help the the people of their newest territory survive the winter, and House Heinlein have donated a large amount of supplies as well even though they are no longer responsible for the territory or its citizens. Unfortunately between the weather and frequent raids on the supply trains by the “Blood for Blood” movement regular deliveries can be difficult to come by.

High Magnate Elizabeth Keenan has introduced a rationing program to try to ensure that no citizen of Wyndael suffers from starvation this winter and both she and High Magnate Izikel Ryatt are reported to have donated large portions of their own grain to the people to try to ensure that everyone survives the difficult winter.

“The times are difficult now,” High Magnate Ryatt admitted. “But with the spring dawning on a new day in Wyndael, I know our determined people will begin planting as soon as the snows melt so we need not face this sort of hunger again!”

The magnate declined to comment on unconfirmed rumors of cannibalism in the more remote areas of the province, where it is most difficult to deliver supplies. He emphasized that as long as the people of Wyndael banded together “this sort of hunger can be a thing of the past.”

Campaign to Wipe out Trolls Mostly Successful
By: Josam, Reporter at large

Following the staggering defeat of the troll Emperor Kraggok and most of his chief minions, Imperial forces under General Argus Stratos swept through Wyndael wiping out any remaining trolls who did not flee back north of the Frostbite Mountains. With their cauldron destroyed the trolls could not resurrect and between this and the loss of their leadership the troll lines broke rapidly and many fell just as quickly.

One exception to this is the troll sorcerer, Tu’Throk. Aided by Greyson McAllister of the Mage’s Guild, a strike force led by Captain Jaylin Barrol, the head of House Wyndael’s forces, regularly led attacks to slay Tu’Throk but each time the troll was able to narrowly avoid capture or death. “Each time he gets away it’s not a total loss,” Barrol told the Wyndael Word. “We;ve slain several of the trolls he was able to rally, leaving him with less and less help and fewer resources after each engagement.”

“Still” Barrol admitted, “it’s very frustrating and until Tu’Throk is killed there is a risk he’ll find a way to gather the resources to create another cauldron.”

In spite of this setback, however, most of Wyndael the citizens can return to a normal life and try to recover from the wounds inflicted by the war.

Blood for Blood Continues Acts of Violence
By: Josam, Reporter at large

The violent faction of Wylderkin Resistance known as Blood for Blood has continued to stage attacks on Imperial targets. In spite of the harsh winter those involved in this violent group have continued their campaign to “remove the Empire from Wyndael in any way shape or form, and shed rivers of blood for every drop of Wylderkin blood they have shed until they leave.”

In recent months, despite the difficult weather, The Blood for Blood movement has attacked and killed at least a half dozen patrols and is routinely seizing supply wagons being brought in from the Empire. However reports indicate that they are not hoarding the food, but rather distributing it to the hungry people of Wyndael themselves, rather than allowing it to reach officials in House Wyndael for distribution.

“It’s a clear scenario of the insurgents trying to both demonstrate an ability to provide for the common people of Wyndael and gain their support, while simultaneously undercutting the competence and legitimacy of the newly formed House Wyndael,” advised Professor Calina Gattius, an expert at guerilla warfare techniques at the Imperial Military Institute in Berghalten.

“The traditional methods to counter such activity would be to somehow convince the populace that the rebels are not a valid governing force and work to win the favor of the populace, a feat that is likely to take a long time and no doubt made harder due the Empire’s checkered past with the Wykderkin. The other option is to quash the rebellion with overwhelming force quickly and decisively and ensure that association with them by the populace will be harshly punished. This method, while often effective, will do little to gain the love of the people, making long term rule of the region more challenging.”

“I do not envy High Magnates Ryatt and Keenan their dilemma,” the professor added.

Gattius’ concerns for the job ahead of the High Magnates seems warranted. Since the execution of Resistance leader Molain, Blood for Blood seems to have grown in number and popularity. Many Wylderkin activists have begun to angrily eschew the doctrines of peaceful resistance set forth by the lizard kin Dorent or the calls for unity that have been put forth by Hundel, the final surviving member of the Council that once ruled of Wyndael when it was a sovereign nation. Indeed, instead of Molain’s execution cutting the head of the rebellion and dispiriting the malcontents, it seems only to have fanned their passions and driven them to more violence.

Both High Magnate Ryatt and High Magnate Keenan have urged a peaceful resolution and asked the Blood for Blood movement to lay down their weapons and work with them for the betterment of all the Wylderkin people. So far there has been no response from Blood for Blood except for more violence.

The one bit of possible progress that has been reported over the winter is that the apparent leader of Blood for Blood, the zebra kin Arlys, was reported to have been permanently killed by House Wyndael soldiers during a raid last month. Unfortunately this has not deterred Blood for Blood activities since and it is unknown who the new leader might be.

One hopes a third option to the dilemma that Professor Gattius spelled out can be found.

News From Around the Empire!

Orcs Attack Iceforge
By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief

A large army of orcs have attacked Iceforge. Oddly, these were not the usual bandits from Orentis that occasionally try to attack the area, but rather a large force of them that came south through Windgap Pass. Reports indicate that the king of Orentis, Zekk, has denied that these orcs are from his kingdom, and has assured the Empire that “if we were waging war, it would not be upon only one city.” Witnesses report that Orentis is likely not the source, as the force attacked through Windgap Pass, north of the Frostbite Mountains, while Orentis is to the west of Iceforge.

While the attack was unexpected, the dwarves of Iceforge were prepared. At the urging of the Wyndael adventurer Roark, General Argus Stratos had sent a letter to House Mithril ordering them to step up patrols of the glacier. Sources indicate that Roark claimed to see a new threat from the glacier in a vision. The General was said to be doubtful, but the Highblood put great stock into visions and so he issued the order resulting in increased dwarven patrols. These patrols saw the army of orcs coming and were able to give warning so the massive defenses of the fortress-city could be brought to bear.

The Orcs attempted to lay siege, but were handily rebuffed after a brief battle. The orc army was quite large, estimated to be estimated to be well over 45,000 orcs and confirmed Undead creatures, outnumbering the dwarves of House Mithril by nearly 3:1 odds. Ultimately the orcs withdrew before more extreme casualties could be suffered, evidently deciding that the massive defenses of Iceforge would not be easily breached. Scouts reported that they headed east, but storms prevented further tracking.

“I’m not worried,” says Throm Steeltoe of House Broadshield, the military arm of House Mithril. “The only way south of the Frostbite Mountains is through Windgap Pass, and that didn’t work out for them. I guess they could climb the mountains like the trolls did, but Orcs ain’t immune to cold like trolls, so they’d lose at least as many as if they’d kept fighting us.”

Regent Declines to set Imperial Policy on Dryads
By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief

Imperial Regent Vikkin Stratos has announced that Dryads will not be offered citizenship status within the Empire as a whole. The Dryads, who awoke around ten years ago, had not had their official legal status declared and as a result it tended to depend on where they lived. Those living in the jurisdictions of Houses Heinlein, Meer and Sterne have essentially been afforded all rights and privileges as though they are one of the citizen races protected by Imperial law. Houses Mithril, Verger and Giefer have been slower to recognize the Dryad people as citizens, leaving many who live in their jurisdictions bereft of legal protection or recourse in many cases.

Emperor Ernst Stratos was reported to have been considering the matter and had scheduled appointments to hear arguments from the Overmagnates at the next meeting with the Assembly of Houses. Unfortunately His Imperial Eminence vanished last year during a trip to Wyndael, leaving Regent Vikkin to hear the arguments. Ultimately the Regent decided to keep things as they were, in spite of strenuous urging from Overmagnates Sandan Haynard and Porona Meer, of Houses Heinlein and Meer, respectively.

“The Regent feels that it is best to allow each of the Great Houses to craft their own policies in response to the ‘Dryad Question,’” said Simon Stratos, a spokesman for the Imperial House.

Houses Sterne, Heinlein and Meer immediately decreed that dryads in their territory would receive the full rights, privileges and protections of Imperial Citizens. Houses Verger and Giefer have decreed that they will not grant citizenship except on an individual basis and House Mithril announced they were not done considering the matter and that “there’s no need to rush this decision if we don’t need to.”

This decision has invited criticism that this will be a path to enslave the Dryads within territory of Houses Giefer, Mithril and Verger as the Dryad population will have no legal protections in the territory of these houses.

Meanwhile, a far more drastic reaction to this decision has come from Quyah'scenthaal. The elves openly condemned the Regent’s decision calling it “an unconscionable abomination of an option” and have cut off all ties with the Empire. All elven ambassadors and diplomats have been recalled and negotiations between House Holtz and Quyah'scenthaal regarding logging rights of the Quyah'scenthaal Forest were abruptly ended. A brief statement from the office of the Maturarch, the leader of the elves, was released stating that Dryads will always be welcome and safe within the Quyah'scenthaal Forest.

A Word from the Magnates

Dearest Wyndael,

It has been a harsh winter, and I fear we have more challenges ahead. But as Spring follows Winter, so shall we shake off the snow and bring our light and warmth back to Wyndael! To that end, I would like to announce that the wedding between myself and Magnate Izikiel Ryatt will be open to all citizens of Wyndael. The event will be held on the first day of Spring on the field below the Mage’s Guild. Come celebrate our happy union with a sumptuous repast catered by the family of Wyndael’s own Greyson McAllister (and if you’ve ever visited him in the Mage’s Guild you know what a treat that will be)! No one will be turned away! Magnate Ryatt and I are very excited for the future of Wyndael. We wouldn’t be where we are if not for the help of all of you. Thank you, and I hope to see you at our wedding!

Magnate Elizabeth Keenan of House Wyndael


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