Things to Know for the Weekend


Chicago Staff
Hi Everyone!

We are so excited to be your plot team for this next event. We hope you are as excited as we are about it! With that there are a few things we feel you should be aware of before the event including Trigger Warnings and LCO effects.

Trigger Warnings
Due an IG reason all PC's and NPC's, except the Marys, appear to be younger versions of themselves. Everyone in game are Adults.
Missing eyes
Jump Scares
Creepy Noises

LCO Effects
Mirror Circle
: Open Circle to those who have healing arts or read magic, Permanent Earth and Celestial Circle, Casting rituals in Circle will summon BM
Forced Reality: This effect forces everyone to appear as younger versions of themselves. It is still obvious who everyone is even though you see youthful versions of each other.
Mirror Rift: Rifts in and out on 1 count to any mirrors in the area saying “Mirror Rift”, 3 count to any non-mirror spot on field.
Planar Lock: Cannot be banished from plane take a 3 second stun effect
Mirror Carrier: Just for flavor
Light system: Red is for stop plot is getting ready for something. Yellow is for there could be a wait for a mod. Green is for come on over the water is fine.

If you have any questions on either the TWs or the LCO effects, feel free to DM us on here, FB, or Discord.

A reminder about sleeping spaces:
All PCs should report to "Promise Lodge" for this event for check in and to figure out bedding. This will be the primary PC area and Tavern.
NPC camp will be "Health Lodge"
"Citadel Lodge" will be a dedicated mod space

Can’t wait to see everyone!

Daphne, Amanda, and Sam P
Your Plot Team