Through the Mountains

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*this is the downtime for people walking towards Foxbridge*

With Abana defeated the remaining hearty Jemajh, a much lower number than those who dissipated with her death, begin the long march back to Sedovia. As you prepare, flames sprout up from a clearing off in the woods. A set of older, rougher looking Jemajh Selunari come out of the woods briefly after, refusing to speak of it, other than to say that they will not let their wagons be used by the undead that will take the area. It seems that many vardos were lost to flame since there were not enough Selunari to move them. More than once it can be overheard “It is a sad day when all of a Sela can ride the wagons.”
The Jemajh are understandably forlorn, openly weeping, mourning those who have lost. The younger shoot foul looks at the adventurers, and only the remaining older wiser heads are able to calm them, to say that this too is a new journey, a story to be remembered. The anger is able to be redirected somewhat towards the undead that still walk the mountains. Mindless skeletons, with the occasional fresher animal zombie, attack the caravan guards, to no real effect.

Some of the younger Jemajh ask after Red Euphoria, remembering when it was freely available. It’s explained that it all dissipated when Abana died, and checking your own stores you find that any vials of Red Euphoria are difficult to open, and once opened there’s a pop as air rushes in.

At night white spectral shapes follow the caravan, staying far away from spell/arrow range and fleeing from any that approach. A few weeks later the slow moving caravan reaches the outskirts of the western Sedovian lands. A haggard, but well equipped garrison raises shields and spear upon your approach, and a Silver Blade in full chain holds them at the ready while he comes and speaks with the group.
After a brief discussion you’re allowed to enter into Sedovia from the old pass into Widow’s Shadow, and instructed to continue on to the Deruvia to meet with those who spirit walked. Taking a short weekend break in the outpost town you resupply and listen in on gossip.

The news of resurrection has spread throughout the land rapidly and the populace is ecstatic, but confused. The full ramifications of this change are not evident and will take some time before people know just what will happen next with this cosmological change.

In addition, the news of the Valezian invasion has reached here. Evidently forces approached from the west through the Auros mountains, and over the southern river simultaneously, taking control of the entire length of the major trade route. Those that left the area report that the Valenzians are by and large not taking the property of the people, and letting them continue to work the land as long as they do not oppose the Valenzian forces. The few stories of people who stood up to them are brutal, quick, and bloody. Survivors of Silver Blade forces have brought the Valenzian’s formal declaration of war, claiming that with the Sedovian backed release of undead unto Aer’Astra the nation has violated the peace treaty of the four lands.
There is, due to the effective blockade, little word of what is happening in Wyldermoor. From the Savage Lands, word comes from the Tribe of the South Wind being in talks with Valenzia over the release of the undead, though the Valenzian offers of help are not as of yet being accepted, due in no small part to vocal Chu’no’vok tribe protestations, including a reputed challenge by combat. It is expected that the South Wind tribe will bring the matter to the next Gathering of the Winds.

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