Throwing Weapons

Discussion in 'New Player Discussions' started by DiscOH, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. DiscOH

    DiscOH Newbie

    Is there ever a reason to use throwing weapons?

    It seems like you can't do anything unique with them. They have less damage, they don't get the 1.5x damage rate of bows, you can't double coat them with alchemy. What's the draw?

    Do throwing weapon players really value shield + projectile? Are wands just too hard to get? Are they just a new player skill to waste 4 build on?

    They look terrible from a numbers perspective.
  2. Inaryn

    Inaryn Squire San Francisco Staff Marshal

    You can assassinate and terminate with them from the front.
  3. DiscOH

    DiscOH Newbie

    So its mostly a cheaper fall back for people who don't want to carry a bow?

    Thats interesting. Backstab builds sound complicated.
  4. Inaryn

    Inaryn Squire San Francisco Staff Marshal

    Yup. They can be, yeah.
  5. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    The game "as played" can be a lot different from how things look from a purely numbers perspective. For example, if you're just worried about the absolutely most efficient combat, you'd never buy Craftsman (other) skills - but those can be some of the most rewarding options in the game, and I've seen people work with their Plot teams to do some really creative stuff (even affecting mods or combat) with them.

    For thrown weapons specifically, they can also be a great "soften them up" option. For example, I have an Earth Templar who has a number of simple thrown weapons on the back of his shield. When I'm approaching an enemy, I'll fire off 3-4 of them in rapid succession as I'm closing the distance, and expect to land about half. This is one less blow I need to land with my sword when I'm in melee combat, which can make more difference than you think. They're also a great option to affect a distant part of combat and pull attention away from your friends while you're trying to reach them. Thrown weapons have more utility than just looking at the straight "in the book" numbers.
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  6. markusdark

    markusdark Knight

    True. Despite the 'rules deficient' setup of them, I use thrown weapons with the majority of my characters, not only because it helps add to the atmosphere but as well as having me create some rather interesting things to throw. I've also been able to smuggle a few of them into places where no weapons are allowed. And I think that some people enjoy seeing something coming at them other than a packet.

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