Tiny Circles of Power and Intruders


Page 112 of the rulebook v1.13 said:
Anyone who steps on the phys rep while it is being raised will be pushed inside or outside of the Circle (player’s choice), along with all possessions
What happens if the circle is only large enough to physically hold one player? Is the spell canceled? Does the intruder no longer get a choice?

Aside from spell parry, what sort of counter play exists in these situations to harry a defensive tiny circle.


Please note that the ARB is not capable of perfectly resolving every niche instance of the use of an ability. A situation like this, while possible, should be discussed between the affected players as how to proceed.

In this case, the “attacker” will have the right to be in that circle, no matter how much you hope they don’t make that decision. This will not cancel the spell. The intruder will always have a choice. That could make things really uncomfortable.

Additionally, if this happened repeatedly, I would talk to the PC casting the circle that they are creating an unsafe situation and ask that they stop doing so.


This is one of those cases where if the players did this on the field and couldn't come to an understanding I would give the following (NON-ARB, NON-ARC) field ruling:

"The attacker may absolutely choose to be in the circle. The attacker cannot leave the circle by choice. Combat is unsafe in that small an area. Therefore the Defender may at any point let the circle down, but until then the two of you are mushed up together and can only touch cast. For safety/personal comfort reasons, you may both stand on the circle perimeter opposite each other, but keep in mind that in game you're crammed in like clowns in a car."


Alternately, if someone has made a circle small enough for themselves only, getting closer enough to be able to choose in means you're already creating an unsafe situation. Tiny circles almost never happen out of combat, so if you're getting that close to someone just to get in their circle, chances are pretty high a marshal could call you on charging.

There's no minimum on circle size, so ultimately it's the person trying to snipe their way in who's creating an unsafe situation.