tips for building a trap disarming kit


hey guys I am looking for specifically tips on what to include in a trap disarming kit.

such as:
what to use to keep all your pieces in a game appropriate container
what items are recommended
what items are more or less important to ensure you have
where to source the items in a manner that hopefully will not break ones bank.
My kit is actually not that great. It's got a couple different multi-head screwdrivers (a precision screwdriver for most screws, and one with a socket-head attachment for the hexagonal screws), which I believe I picked up at Canadian Tire. I also tossed in a multi-tool I found lying around. And I had some popsicle sticks in there at one point as well. The most recent addition is a pair of magnetic balls, for dealing with magnet-based traps.
Screwdrivers are vital for picking locks, but don't help a lot with disarming traps. Having something long and thin you can poke at the inside of a box with, or check around the rim with for strings/wires/pressure pads/etc., without opening the box all the way is also quite important (and I'm honestly a bit lacking in that department). Something electrically conductive can be useful in some situations, as can something electrically insulated (both of which I am, again, lacking in), and there are a few traps out there that use magnets and require magnets to disarm.