To ALL Current Guild Members of ALL Guilds


(OOC: This note can be found in all local Guild Halls and meeting places such as taverns.)

There have been several new Guild policies that apply to ALL active Guild members. These changes have been made to reduce the confusion, error and overall paperwork of the Guild leaders, and to insulate its members from accidental or purposeful mistreatment.

In extremely brief summary the changes are as follows:

-There are no longer Guild Points. Members will be considered to be "Active" or "Inactive" during an event or meeting, and will be promoted to the next rank after a sufficient number of active events. Special awards can be given by the Guild Leader to members who have gone above and beyond their station to hasten their promotion.

-Other than the Tradesman and Master ranks, there will no longer be demotions due to inactivity. Tradesmen and Masters will drop to the next lowest rank after 3 CONSECUTIVE months of inactivity.

-There are no longer any limits on the number of people who are required to be in a Guild before you can rank up to the next level.

See the following attachment for a slightly more in depth description of the changes.

A new Guild pamphlet will be made available soon.