To Do List for 3rd Market


I would like to begin with congratulating everyone on a a job well done with removing the Mists. And while we are still left with some minor fog and traveling issues, we have done a great thing. That being said there’s still lots of things that remain.

Dread Court
This is an issue I would love to come together and talk about at a town. I know a few people have same varying opinions on the Court and I think we should discuss the best course of action further. I will not reflect my opinion on the matter at this junction, but may we have a moment of silence for Flint and the less than speakable acts he endured.

Ash wood, Heartwood and Further Action
I know it is really simple to just let it all tumble down, but that is not a solution. That is inaction.

Ser Nolan
Tax collectors are bad, fake tax collectors are worse. With the new state of the empire I believe this leaves more than plenty of room for Ser Nolan to stake his fake claim.

This really could afford to be two points but I don’t know how to talk about one issue without mentioning the other. The geography of the land has changed drastically, even as to compared before the Mists. If anyone who is more qualified than I would like to help in mapping out the new territories that would be great contribution. I will be doing a similar thing but by boat.

Since we can no longer just think of where we want to go, finding keys is more important than ever. And being able to make a list of who has keys to where is also important. For those who are not familiar, the pink portal on the edge of the mist serves as a gate to a variety of places as long as you have the appropriate “key”.

Fate is still on the lose. Nothing crazy has happened yet, but it’s only a matter of time. It will be harder to find him now without the Mist. But please be vigilant for him. (Also isn’t it weird that we assume personifications such as Fate and Hope are male?)

Contract Appocalypse
There’s a lot of just not great stuff happening here. With a focus on their feud with the White Wyverns. I don’t have anywhere close to a plan for this but it’s my understanding other people do.

As always, feel free to add, ask questions or respond however you feel is appropriate.

Captain/Squire Saro

Can we get that key?