To Do List (Fourth Market)


Hello All!
I'm not sure if people actually find these of any use, but I think its good because I forget most everything between markets.

The Nine Dragons
So I dont think there is an immediate solution to this one. The red, blue, black and white dragons do not seem to be indirect war with each other, but a competition? They are located in King Claus's lands. I am not sure of the exact location but im sure someone is. I think it would be wise to have an adventurer join of the teams to discover more. I know the red team does not like humans. We have the child of the blue team so I am also not sure that is a great option. I would volunteer to join a team but I made my affiliations very clear in the cave unfortunately. There are also more dragons which are not affiliated with this war that I believe are the ones we released last year? I am not entirely sure. Maybe someone who is more versed than I can shed some light on this.

Eloria City
Since the mist has been lifted, no one has seen it. I am very concerned about this and how the continents will manage without guidance. Lord Sunseeker, King Claus and the King of Nu'udah have been trying to mange their respective lands, but I know the Pits aren't necessarily happy with Sunseeker's direction and King Claus has a lot on his plate. If anyone has any information it would be good. Also if we could make a DG to Eloria City, that mat be useful. I am not sure how thats done but I am spit balling.

The Dark Tower
There is a tower full of cannibalistic stone elves with mind abilities which can affect you before you are even within contact. The hollow elves (or hollow beings in general) are the only ones able to make a stand. This is of course a moral dilemma.

Again, we don't know where he is but he can't be doing good things.

Nu'udah Terrorists
Nu'udah has a splinter set of terrorists. I am going to be looking into this issue between markets. I know it has something to do with humans and a king. Anymore information would be appreciated.

As always please feel free to add to this as you feel fit.

Fair winds,
Squire Saro
Dragons: There are 5 dragon armies, and 4 (ok one was missing...) that we released from the cave. I think the 2 sets are not necessarily connected. At least, I have no reason to believe they are.

Eloria City: The "feeling" I get is that it is still there, with a gate, but the gate is closed. I have no idea on it's physical location.

Dark Tower: I hesitate to speak on moral quandries at this juncture. I did happen to find the general location of the tower... with out having to go through our contact. But since they are protecting it... I recommend utilizing his services :)

Fate: Is an *******. Stay away from that jerk if you can.

Nu'udah: I know nothing.

I have been travelling around the continents doing a bit of mapping. I suck as a cartographer, but am willing to share what I can when I have a chance to "draw" it out. I hope to do more mapping this gathering.
With the mist changes... how is Cordoka doing?