To those interested in joining me

Air Raksa

Hail Adventurers, Heroes and Good People of Trellheim

By the Order of His Grace Duke Sir Frost Vardik I shall be travelling west into the Contested Lands. To those people who wish to join me, I shall be making ready for the journey at the Legion D Ducal Army Barracks in the estate of Dara’s Grace. We will be leaving soon, so do not delay.

All members of the Vex Squad are to report for orders.

You have my thanks for your continuing support.

“Rock of Trellheim”

Sir Ignatious Skippio Vex
Lieutenant of the Untiring Phalanx
Ducal Army, Legion D

(Please send an e-mail to flatdog13 at yahoo dot com with your e-mail address and character information if you are interested in joining in this April 2010 Group Plot Write-Up)