Toadhop Designs Masks Now available on Etsy!


Hey guys,
A while ago I posted some photographs of masks I had made in the past. Pre-mades are now available on etsy under my business name, Toad Hop Designs! It is a little sparse still, as I am in the middle of 6 different commission pieces, but more will be coming soon. These masks are made of 8-9 oz veg-tan leather, and hold up to the abuse of LARP and packing well. I also take commissions, but am busy with requests until mid-August.
Here's the link:

Sample work (pieces not on etsy, but reproduce-able by request):

Bark/Dryad Mask, sold to NERO Metro

Raccoon Mask

Wolf/Dog mask - My PC Rhys


Just a thought - only the bark mask indicates the materials used. It might be helpful, if possible, on the front store page, to give those details: base material/thickness, type of dye/paint used, and the like. I know some people are kinda tetchy about what kinds of stuff they use.


As both a fellow leather crafter and somebody who's seen Emilynn's masks first hand, I have to say she's an absolute whiz at making these. They're top notch work. You'd feel very lucky to own one. There's a good reason that she's got 6 commissions on the table right now!