Town Box Requisitions


Squire Zihr has put me in charge of the town box and I'm looking for crafters to make things for it. Below is a list of items that I'm looking to requisition separated by the type of crafting they require. Preferably they should be made from scratch so the raw materials in the town box can help offset the cost. Because the orders are for the good of the town, you should not expect to be making a profit on these order however if you feel that you deserve special compensation for an item, please talk to me privately at the next gathering. I do have the estimated copper totals for the order if you want them.

One Bludgeon
Five Daggers
One Hatchet
Two Staffs
Two Shields
Two Longswords
Two Short bows
Two Heavy crossbows
Two Longbows
Two Short hammers
Two Short maces
Two Spears
Five Long hammers
Five Long maces
Three Short axes
Theee Long axes
Five Short swords
Three Polearms
Two Twohand blunts
Two Twohand swords
Two suits of 15 Armor
One suit of 20 Armor
One suit of 25 Armor
One suit of 30 Armor

Potion making
Nineteen Cure disease potions

Ten Antidote elixirs
One Euphoria antidote
Two Enslavement antidotes

There are also several things I am looking to sell from the Town Box, things that I feel have no real use for the box other than to gather dust. If no one claims these items, I will sell them on the open market.

Two wizard lock battle magic scrolls
One lesser investment battle magic scroll
Banish to other plane ritusl scroll
Summon Magical Creature ritual scroll
Illumination ritual scroll

Thank you for helping me make the town box into a tool that can be used for our community.

Zen Mallowbrooks



I have some light armors from my earlier days of adventuring that are still functional, and I'd be happy to donate them to the town.


Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff

Remind me to check my stores sometime in the evening, and I can see what weapons I have on hand. I'm sure I have a great number if the things you are looking for.

~ Gandian Ravenscroft


Chicago Staff

I would be interested in each of the ritual scrolls for 1g per.



Chicago Staff
I am unfamiliar with the "illumination scroll", thus naturally have an interest in it. However such things do more good in the hands of an adventurer who is in regular attendance. Cass; the next time I am around, I would love to read it and learn more regarding it.