Town Box Update


A full earth celestial and Alchemy books should be stocked, I have a full set to copy from and the box can pay for the ink.

Also perhaps an agreement to purchase mostly useless/ situational scrolls like Forsee the weather, March of the untiring. As well as a reward for turning in necromancy for safe desposal.
To me 2 gold for unwanted scrolls, production cost for necro potions, and a sliding scale of 1-10 gold for necro scrolls and items seems reasonable.

And next year when funds are low we do another silent auction.
- Gertude the Gruntuled
Good suggestions, Gerty. As far as the Town Box purchasing unwanted scrolls, it seems like that would be padding the town take to me but we should discuss it at Auryn's Town Tea. These have in the past been donated straight to the box without payment if nobody was interested in purchasing them. Necromantic production items ... couldn't they be used at a cannibalistic workshop to be turned into something useful? I'm not exactly sure how those work ... Kallith? Don't you have one?

I have an extra alchemy book that I can donate to the box. I'd rather have other people use it than have it gather dust.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Zen, you are very kind. Thank you.

Zihr of House Husky
Squire to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories


Yes necro can be canalized but it is good to have a responsible way to ensure that the necessary is not being used and there for corrupting the land and making it easier for natural necromancy to form.

Padding the town take as you say is a good thing, helping to grow the economy. And later if an individual wanted to know the weather they could buy it from the box. Just another way of reimbursement for town use scrolls as Gandian ensured.

If the box funds run low we just have another silent auction, it was very successful. I think with my proposals and those others stated by my estimation the box will stay in the positive for at least a year probably a bit longer.

- Gertrude