Travelers to Maelstrom: Questions, Resources


Tisztelet People of the Maelstrom, and travelers to November Gathering therein,

Like many, it seems, I am traveling to Maelstrom for November gathering. My companion Hildr' feels strong pull to return to her former home; I am accompanying her.

Through dreamscape, I have heard some of what you are fighting, but by no means is it complete. I do not know what resources you have or need. I expect neither do many travelers. I am unsure what spells and higher magics to prepare for these travels. Guidance is appreciated.

It is my hope other travelers might speak in this dreamscape as well to share what resources they bring to your lands in upcoming battles.

For myself, I am táltos. This is meaning I am healer and tender of body, heart, mind, spirit, and tribe; I am ritualist; I speak to spirits and mediate between peoples. I am Earth spellcaster of full ninth circle, thirteenth circle of channeling, and am of sixteenth circle of higher magics.

I travel with Hildr', with whom you may already be familiar, as she hails from Maelstrom. I am unwilling to travel apart from her in foreign lands except for very good reason, if this is important for your planning and consideration.


Táltos and Oathsworn,
from Dragonhold and Acarthia

OOG translation:
  • Hey other people traveling to Maelstrom in November, respond with what you bring to a battle/town gathering.
  • Full 4-column Earth tree, 13 ranks of channeling, 16 ranks of high magic.
  • Craftsman: Táltos, which is essentially a shaman, just from my OOG heritage so as to be less appropriative. ;)
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Hello Orsolya,

My apologies for the brevity of my response — we are deep in preparations for the coming battle and my time is short.

Our plan of engagement is currently being finalized. Once it is, I will be preparing a report with this as well as relevant background and historical information to distribute to our combined forces, and most particularly to the Lantern Bearers like yourself who are new to our land.

My thanks to you and all others who are willing to travel here and take up our fight as your own. My sister has spoken highly of you, and I look forward to meeting you in person.

Pluvianella Charbonneau
Head Clerk
Speaker for the Spirit of Butterfly
Thousand Bones, Warlord of the Bleeding Eye, wants to know what the people of the Maelstrom need. This Orc has in his possession many different items that would be useful. Potions, Scrolls, Weapons, Armor, Alchemy... let me know what you need and I will deliver on my arrival in a few weeks.
My apologies for the delay. Please see this private dream for information. Copies will also be available at the gather. If I can answer any further questions, you have only to ask.

In service,
Truthfully, it is an 'everything and the kitchen sink' situation.

While we anticipate critical need for some resources (Purify, Poison Shield, Awaken, Cleanse...Part of our enemy may or may not be extremely adept with alchemy) anything and everything you bring shall have use.

Bring all you can spare, we shall find a use for it and you shall have our everlasting gratitude for your aid.

-Dame Marisa