Traveling Celestial Formalist - Nov


Chicago Staff
Wisconsin Staff
Hello from beyond the Mists, bound by our Celestial constants and shared dreams;

I too will be attempting to travel for the November Market Gathering.

If there are local Celestialist, I would enjoy meeting and learning the local customs and nuances of Celestial Magic as you have come to understand it within your mists. So that when I arrive, I too can understand how both the magic and the culture operate.

Should there be those that wish to learn Celestial Magic, I would be happy to sit and offer what universal understandings I know. But my first question will be if you have discussed it with any form local magic guild or group, or local celestial Scholars. This is a very important step as it is virtually impossible for me to teach all that you may need to know in the little time I have with you and you will need further teachings and oppertunities to learn and develop by those closest to you.

If needed / desired, I can muster a fair bit of Formal Celestial Ritual Magic but not I am not able to manifest some of the more powerful manipulations as they are still beyond my reach. Celestial or General Spell Crafting as well as Celestial Spell Stores could potentially be filled as well.

Also should those who have the ability to read magic be interested, I am a Master Scribe of Battle Magic Scrolls. I do commission work, sales from built stores as well as love to explore the world of magical inscription and discover and apply new and inventive ways for such things to be created. I always welcome any adventure to go out and learn more about such unique crafting or to gather exotic supplies for such things. Equally holding some experience in the discovery, cultivation, care of magical flora and fauna, of which basic principles should remain constant between my typical day and yours despite the mist between us.

Feel free to ask questions, let me know some information, or attempt to plan with me things that may be needed. It is always a boon to know specifically what things I should make sure I am prepared for and what spells or High Magic I should ensure to dedicate upon arrival. Not to mention, who I should talk to and where to go to find everyone when I arrive.