Troubadour's Challenge (April 2017)


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I'd love to have record of what everyone wrote in the span of a few hours Saturday afternoon. I'll start!


[Verse 1:]
When I was but a child
Of only two and ten,
My father told me stories.
We were the best of friends.

Until the Count burst in
To our humble shop one night.
He slew my dearest father
On some imagined slight

The local law did nothing,
The Magistrate his pawn.
I was left with vengeance,
My hope for justice gone.

So I'll......

Stab him in the kindey;
I'll hit him on the head.
For my family's honor,
I'll burn him in his bed.

I'll throw him in a river,
Tied up in a sack..
As many as it takes
Until he won't come back.

[Verse 2:]
I followed him from town.
I stopped him on the road.
He begged me not to kill him,
That filthy little toad.

I hung him from a tree,
Watched his body fade from sight.
But he just resurrected
On that very night.


[Verse 3:]
His next life ended quickly:
I poisoned him at dawn.
His third took some more planning,
Using men like pawns.

His fourth life dragged out longest,
and I began to doubt.
But it was on his fifth time
That his luck finally ran out.


[Verse 4:]
The one that finally did it
Was much like all the rest.
I snuck into his house,
Watched his life bleed from his chest.

When I saw his body reform,
My heart rejoiced with glee.
When the deed finally sunk in,
What's that mean to me?

[Final Chorus:]
Because I......

Stabbed him in the kindey;
I hit him on the head.
For my family's honor,
I burned him in his bed.

I threw him in a river;
It took me oh so long.......
But what do I do now
That the evil Count is gone?

By team Daskelos.
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I think it would be awesome if we also got Audio Files of these being sung or recited.

Weaver's Team
Theme: Bubbles

Lyrics by Luke (Ryan W.) and Orin (Cass J.)
Music by Luke (Ryan W.)

There was no official title, so for now: Bubbles

They fill the sky in the most magical way. And something in my heart came alive. You showed me time that no words could explain, you showed me so much and I wish you could stay but I'll wait for the day.

Chorus: and remember the iridescent spheres as we danced until night, by those prismatic globes that would shine in the light, I saw you in the garden, the sun in your hair, as youd breathe out that magic that floats in the air.

From the first moment I found them overhead, or maybe it was they who found me, you gave me love with the power to change, I love with the power to open the door to a warmth I was dying for


That brilliant night, your radiant site, the long climb from the dark into the light, his chest resting on her breast, the passion born that day passed through their lips.
The sparkling reminiscence of your innocence, save me from despair that day but the wind that blew them to me soon blew you away.
And I wish you could stay but I'll wait for the day I'll see you again


Though love is eternal I must go first, like life and this song each ends in a burst


Theme: Courage

Lyrics and music by Hava Amalaya (Zaz)

Warrior's Rebirth

I see the undead coming
From a necromantic summ'ning.
My heart is filled with terror.
I feel I should start running.
Then I am filled to my core
With a power too strong to ignore.

O Courage, fill me with your might.
O Courage, lead me in this fight.
O Courage, make my sword are true.
O Courage, make this warrior's heart new.

The battle's all around me.
The piles of dead astound me.
Swords and magic flying,
And still the undead pound me.
Yet I fear this fight no more
With a power to strong to ignore.

O Courage, I've survived this place.
O Courage, thank you for your grace.
O Courage, you made my sword arm true.
O Courage, make this warrior's heart new.

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Theme: Relationships

Adapted from "Necrobone"
Pome by Kelb the dwarf (Dallas)

Long before, the dawn of time, when stars began to be.
Upon all the earth, there were folk, much like you and me.
A goodly soul, Wheeler named, became a mighty king
And took he young, Wheelerette, to be his lovely queen.
Then side by side, ruled they both, in great prosperity.
O! Alas, it did not last, through all eternity.
A son of theirs, Jared called, would covet all he saw.
I’ll make the people, give me all. This shall be the law.
Not so our son, please change your ways, turn back to the light.
If you will not, give me all, I’ll bring to you a fight.
A mighty host, gathered he, to take away the crown.
Spears and bows, they fought the king, and laid his guards all down.
Spared alive, king and queen, put them in captivity.
There they’ll stay, for I will reign, through all eternity.
What do we hear? Twin baby girls, born of king and queen.
They’ll restore peace’n, joyful days, the people did all sing.
Summer and Winter, called were they, first to bear those names.
Both endowed, with power great, Winter’s ice, Summer’s flames.
Unto the people, each did go, to serve’n win their fame.
Their final goal, Wheeler’s throne, to capture and reclaim.
Mighty hosts, gathered they, all armed and ready for war.
When we are through, Jared brother dear, you’ll rule’n reign no more.
But Jared too, had gathered hosts, a great’n mighty throng.
I’ll give them death, blood’n war, confine them in dungeon strong.
Then birth did give, young Wheelerette, to a baby boy.
Behold our heir, Wheeler cried, he fills our hearts with joy.
When we are gone, he will reign, until eternity.
Unique power, had the boy, o’r every entity.
Skies went black, none could see, then returned the light sublime.
Day to dusk, night to dawn, thus named they him Father Time.
When boy was grown, sought sisters twin, to join in their fight.
Here comes the heir, Father Time, to earn and prove his right.
The folk dead, and gone for good, were numbered not a few.
Despite this, and all the war, no victor was in view.
Then armies three, Time did give to, sisters of his blood and bone.
Jared captive, his hosts broken, Wheeler on the throne.
Through all the land, there was peace, a great and many days.
Damage he caused, Jared mended, changed he did his ways.
Thus we see family quarrels oft can over flow.
When ye feud make peace quick least it come to mortal woe.