Troubles in Blood Magic


Chicago Staff

Many are curious where the Blood Constructs came from, and why it had assaulted the Flaming Skull, below is a short synopsis of events that led to that attack.

At last Market, a small group of us set out to personally investigate the tariffs being enforced against supplies for refugees. Duke Koshinari was scandalized that such tariffs were made, and wished for the culprits to be discovered and addressed. While that situation has been hopefully resolved, it was throughout that investigation it was discovered by us that a specific group of Vornae are assumed to be in possession of the Book of Blood. While it has not been proven that this small group of Vornae are in possession of it; they are without a doubt actively engaging with whomever does and are actively benefiting from its power.

It was learned that due to our "meddling" that a Blood Construct would be sent after Yao. As it was Yao who used her influence and clout as a recognized Vornae Diplomat to discover the depths of this small groups treachery and involvement. I would likely be next for similar reasons though through different channels. It was then theorized by an informant, that should our investigation continue - It would be likely that Blood Constructs would be sent after us all. Information from multiple sources had thus far led us to believe that this was a future state event that we must plan for and attempt to counter.

Upon our Return, I immediately met with Baron Foss to inform him not only of the over arching information, but also the intricate details as well. Believing our group to be future targets, we made plans on what to do between Markets, and how to address it at next Market.

To our dismay, this information was inaccurate. Blood Constructs would not eventually be dispatched, they had already been created and dispatched. One arrived at the Flaming Skull, searching for Yao, and in the process drove a fellow adventurer to Resurrection. After the immediate threat was neutralized, Isabo & I met Squire Rusty to inform him of the danger and that it would likely continue. Initially, the Squires had not been informed as it was expected to be a future problem. One that Baron Foss and Lady FallingStar had hoped to mitigate if possible and if not, be able to better delegate, inform, and address in the coming days.

While they may still be able to accomplish such mitigation, in the coming Market Gathering, please be prepared for the appearance of Blood Constructs. We know that their creation is happening much faster than anticipated and it will stand to reason they will be sent again to attempt to drive us to Resurrection, or anyone else should you stand in the way of its assignment.

Yao, Isabo, Ignathis, Jhaohan, and myself are likely to be the first targets, Yao, Iggy, and myself are likely to be repeatedly attacked.

Should you cross paths with a Blood Construct, stay out of its path unless you are able to deal with it alone or with 1 or 2 other fellow adventures. Some information to remember:
    • Curse it with weakness
    • Attack it with 4 or more adventurers in Melee range
    • Cleanse Effects. This will make it angry and angrier - but its overall force will be weakened.
    • Solidify x3. Solidifies will exponentially weaken it. 2 will make it manageable by a small group; however the third solidify will destroy it.
Related to our Troubles in Blood Magic, we have also learned something else that the Book of Blood is being used for. However that knowledge is dangerous to be announced publicly. While you may make that decision for yourself, I wont make it for the general public audience. To that end, Should you be in possession of, or find the following Ritual Scrolls: Vision, Lore, and Resonance - please let me know to what cost you would be willing to part with them.
The MoonLight Sentinels have been looking into finding the blood book due to one of our own and the land itself being tainted by it at one point. To that end we now have procured a way of locating blood magic much easier. We are more than willing to work with you in this matter if you wish. Please either reach out to one of us or just talk to one of us at the next market. Trying to be vague due to not being sure how much i should share publicly, but willing to share all details in private.