Trying to find the best route.

Greetings everyone,

I am going to my first event in march for the maelstrom campaign (NPC) I live in Yuba City and was going to take a bus to creek and then a cab to the sight. The problem is greyhound does not even go to boulder creek and I am not sure what the nearest city that has a bus stop is. I thought I would ask you guys If you knew a good route to get to the camp via bus and cab that wont cost me two arms and a leg. Thanks a bunch and I hope to see you guys soon.

norman b

So a quick google shows that the closest are Watsonville or Gilroy. Unfortunately, the one in Santa Cruz closed as that would be closest. Your best bet might be to see if you can get a ride from Hayward with another player?

I know that sometimes people have some extra room. Also, try the Alliance San Francisco Facebook page. Forums are the bane of some player's existence so they use the Facebook page to communicate or receive communications.

Hope that helps!
I was debating to use the Facebook or not, Thank you very much. I will post on there now looking for anyone heading from Hayward.