I'm wondering where I can find tusks at or how to make them as I am going to be playing an orc and will need the tusks because I think the white stripe makeup tusks look a bit ridiculous thanks.


Gettysburg Staff
Not only do the makeup tusks look silly, they are also not allowed.

Rulebook pg 38 said:
Any props (such as elf ears) must be worn
at all times, even under a hood or when hidden
by hair. You cannot use makeup to represent
biata eyebrows, high ogre and high orc teeth,
or hobling sideburns. If you have a real beard
and wish to play a dwarf, the beard must be
braided so that it is clear you are a dwarf and
not just a bearded human. (If your beard isn’t
long enough to braid, then you will have to wear
a fake beard over your real one.)


Well would it be ok for me to send a link to a site i found for the tusks I'm going to be buying?


Speaking of tusks dose anyone know where i could get some dental glue for mine that I purchased so they won't fall out when I talk?


Brouga said:
But would that harm my real teeth in anyway?
They would if a boffer strikes you in the face and the adhesive doesn't unstick. Good way to lose some teeth. I'd recommend just getting used to talking in a way that doesn't make them fall out. I made mine from friendly plastic and made sure to create enough wiggle room that in the event of a shot to the face my tusks will simply fly out of my mouth harmlessly.


Make them out of friendly plastic its easy and you get a nice fit with little effort, plus firendly plastic is relativly cheap.


well i bought a cheap pair of vampire teeth that look rerally well that are rubber but they dont stay in too well.