Twinspire March 16th Day Event


“Sasha, report.”

The Vor shook as she bowed before her father. “It’s been a complete and utter rout, my Lord. Pockets everywhere are being dispersed and destroyed. We can’t even hold on to the beaches. The forces in Arbory have fled into the ocean.”

This was not the news Tzero wanted to hear, but no longer was it a surprise. When the fledgling races became so potent he had no idea; but he certainly wasn’t going to remain blind to it any longer.

“Pull them all back to Kelimvor. I want them guarding the estate.”

Sasha’s eyes widened. “That... that is going to take months my lord.”

“Well they’re not doing much elsewhere now are they!” he barked. “And please explain precisely how this is happening? We need to know what has changed in the past few weeks.”

Sasha took a deep breath before continuing, “They’ve been exploiting the weaknesses of our leadership corps my lord. I was uncertain of how at first, but at one point in the fighting I saw our very own forces fighting each other. A half dozen platoons just melted into one another. We were no longer in sole command of our troops.”

He thought he couldn’t be surprised any more; he was wrong, “How...?”

“I was holding the third line which had just turned into the front. Our own troops were barreling down on me, so I commanded them to stop. It worked, for moment anyway, until I heard another of our family reverse the order. It was...” Sasha considered briefly, “ absolute mess. I had to spend every breathing moment shouting orders to keep troops on our side. And that’s when it happened.”

“What.” he said grimly.

“From the mass of Vor a squad a fledglings emerged. There was still a sizeable distance between us, but they arced several sleep spells at me...”

Sasha paused, looking unsure at Tzero. His eyes began to widen. Wonders never cease.

“I uh... well... as you might imagine I broke ranks and aggressed. But I know now that was part of the trap. It was only dumb luck amidst a mass of chaos that allowed me to avoid the half dozen charms they threw at me. I quickly came to my senses and withdrew, taking whatever troops I could actually keep in control with me.”

A simmering rage began to boil within Tzero. Of the numerous insults and embarrassments inflicted upon him lately, this may in fact have been the worst. The torrent of curses flew forth unabated for several minutes until he finally regained his capacity for rational thought.

“Get our forces here as fast as possible. Tell my children to refocus their magics to be more defensive. We cannot allow our enemies such control over us.”

Still quivering with fear from the rant, Sasha added with weak optimism, “In better news, we’ve unearthed and gained partial control over one of the Guardians. We can move it around, but it still attacks us when we get close. Shall we begin the process to harvest its core?”

Finally, some good news. “No, have it guard the estate. For now, anyway. Supplement it with some constructs and give it a wide berth. We need every bit of power we have here until the bulk of our army returns.”

“Understood my Lord. Any other orders?”

“I will have some for you shortly. But first... I have some experiments to perform. The House of Tzero does not fall so easily...”
Registration/check in starting at 11 AM. Game start at 12.
Location is Belgatos Park in Los Gatos
Details and directions can be found here:

PC camp will be at the back clearing near the stream, unless already taken. This site has limited benches and tables; you may wish to bring portable chairs or blankets if you wish to be able to sit comfortably. NPC camp & check in will be at the benches near the park entrance, unless they are taken.

Standard price $15.
Non-members will be assessed an additional $10 charge.
NPCs are free.

To PRE-REGISTER for this event:
A. Go here and use this form at least 48 hours before the event.
B. Email to let Twinspire Plot staff know you are coming.
C. Show up and start check in within the first half-hour of our check-in time.

For build expenditures or other logistics requests email
For plot or world information email

You are highly encouraged to let us know if you're coming to the event even if you don't pre-reg.


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