Two handed Weapons and Critical Attack


Is it intended that if you pop two critical attacks with a two handed weapon you only get 2 and not the 3 damage buff from it like Weapon Profs?
There seems to be no wording in the rules that says you get the bonus damage that I can see. Wondering if it was just overlooked or on purpose?

Same thing if you have an odd number of weapon profs and pop an extra crit attack?

Weapon Proficiency got a wording update from "1.5 bonus damage with a two-handed weapon per Proficiency" to "1 bonus damage to all weapons, plus 1 extra bonus damage with a two-handed weapon for every 2 Proficiencies", but as Critical Attack received no such wording update alongside it, I believe it was entirely intentional that it was left as only 1 point per Critical Attack spent regardless of weapon; they give a temporary static bonus to damage for each one activated, rather than counting as "bonus" Weapon Proficiencies.


Gettysburg Staff
The above is correct. The damage bonus is specifically linked to weapon proficiencies, not critical attacks.
It was discussed, and it was decided that the weapon size scaling on Slay was the preferable and sufficient way to increase 2-handed weapon burst damage. One of the central focus points of the 2.0 rules writing process was to reduce repeatable high number damage calls, and there was a concern that 3/2 damage on Critical Attacks was out of line with that goal, although admittedly that discussion was back in 2014 when we were looking at up to 10 CA at a time being the cap.