Until my return.


Friends from the hollow and Nobles of These tainted lands,
I apologize for my fast departure. I had to get back to the lands of Icenia and back to my Legion as soon as possible, as battle was upon us. Though a lot has changed for me in the past 3 years, And some priorities/duty and Home now lie elsewhere. I, Lt. Ithica, will return to these tainted lands. With new duties, to help protect the innocent and preserve there way of life, to answer your call to arms to strike down that which is evil. I do not forget where I come from. It was good to see a lot of you again. It felt comforting at least to know that the way home is no longer blocked off. It will be my honor to come to spill the blood of our enemies again, shield the helpless, preserve life, and make things right there.

Until my return,
Lt. Ithica

P.S. If anyone sees Fevergrey, Mention to him I want my shield back or compensation for it.

I'm glad I was able to catch up with you before you left for Icenia. You are looking strong and healthy. As you know, the filth of necromancy is potent in these lands. Greater Undead beings walk into our tavern unopposed while litches confidently post lies on our tavern walls. You have always been one of my closest rivals in all forms of martial combat and and I would like to put your skills to use. I will be purging this land of the most DANGEROUS undead creatures who so confidently strut upon the earth. It will start with a litch. As you know, hunting and marching on undead of such power is a very sensative task. I would only trust the most cunning, level headed and dedicated companions to hunt the undead along side me. To often have I gone into battle against these things with underqualified, inexperianced and fearfull adventurers claiming to be more than they arent. Having already shared your virtues on battle fields of the past, I am confident you would perform above my expectations. Do me the honor of having my right side.


To anyone else:
I will need more. If you feel that you are ready to chase this world's most dangerous and powerfull undead creatures to the edge of the earth, seek me out in one months time. There will be requirements.

Litch, Dreadlord, Vampire or Mummy, You will know fury...and vengance.